Did I order a good light

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by vondetour, Sep 26, 2022.

  1. I have a small 2x2 grow tent and just ordered the viparspectra p1000, I had such a large selection to choose from and some with and without dimmers. Did I order a good light or should I cancel the order. My setup
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  2. yea its ok. I checked yur vid, and you are starting in too large a pot and it will slow growth.
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  3. Look at the Koscheal on Amazon. I use 2 of them. They give me about the same results as I used to get from a 400w has. They have both veg and bloom switches. Lots cheaper too!
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  4. careful using the mulch, it can be a hard material to work with for a new indoor grower.

    @trojangrower - how does a big pot make a plant grow slower?
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  5. I had no idea, so I should use a small pot. Wish I knew before transplanting.
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  6. Thanks for the info, I'm on a budget having to buy everything but next month will buy better soil.
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  7. Due to slower root ball development. It will be ok, but ime it takes longer to grow. Also, the wet/dry cycle takes longer, but using less water works. If the grower just waters the entire container until its saturated, then there could be problems.
  8. I poke my finger into the soil to check the dryness and water when needed.
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  9. OK, that sounds more like my mulch comment then? Using it requires more experience vs an actual detriment. Whereas in the case of using a smaller pot, there's a limiting factor because root growth is impacted negatively due to smaller pot size.
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  10. i've never used mulch on cannabis. I'm actually about to go get a yard of mulch and add it around the trees outside over some biological barrier; figured its the only thing to slow those root shoots.
    just don't overwater those bigger pots... at least you won't have to transplant later on :)
    hey that's what she said :D
  11. I'm only guessing as every site I click on has a different answer, At the time I put about 3 oz in and it's about every other day when the soil feels dry.
  12. This podcast with professor of Washington Univ. talks about mulch - I'd recommend listening and thought she was a great educator in this presentation - There's even a section where she talks about a website where homeowners can get free mulch ;)

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  13. That info is in accurate .
  14. What info is in accurate ?.
  15. Planting a seed into a large container will grow slower. That info is false .
  16. I used the wet paper towel process, 3 days later the seed had a root and I put them in a jiffy peat pot. Once they had two leaves I transferred to the 3 gallon bucket. However I appreciate your input, best way to learn
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