Did i OD?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by balanala, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. this morning before college started i was hanging with a few mates. they had a load of weed and made a massive joint. i've smoked it before but usually only a few puffs but today i smoked most of the entire joint myself. nothing happened for about 40 mins (im making an estimate, at the time i had no concept of time). After the 40mins i went from a high to a very LOW. i could no longer feel my legs, and i didn't understand the words i were saying. i had a terrible head ache, and my stomach was feeling really really bad! i ended up vomiting and i had to look right at the floor because looking forward or upwards made me feel really dizy. my vision was the next to go. i suddenly felt like i wasn't in my own body. my hands seemed so bizarre, i touched my face and it felt like it was somebody else's body. i ended up having to go home, and i slept for about 8 hours before waking up and remembering everything that happened. have any of you had theese kinds of trips?
  2. well, smoking your head off usually results in going to sleep so you oded...not that you can od on weed but you know what i mean...:smoke:
  3. not an overdose, but most definitely more than you can handle.
    we call that 'greening out' around these parts.
    it's not dangerous like an actual OD, but clearly a bad time. just take it easy next time and let the high catch up with you before you smoke too much
  4. no you did not OD. you probably didnt have enough sugar in your blood so you just got really baked and greened out
  5. Nop, you did not. That happened to me the first time I smoked a entire join by my self, you just took more than you can handle.

    In a few years ou´ll smoke the same and feeling just a little buzzed ;)
  6. Eat before smoking (don't stuff yourself)
    Stay hydrated
    Maybe eat a piece of candy even to get your blood sugar up

    Smoke until you are comfortable and then stop. Sometimes when your buddies keep smoking and smoking and smoking its not good to try and keep up with them if you don't have the tolerance they do. Theres no point in smoking vast amounts if it results in less fun..
  7. ye that's probobly it. i didn't eat anything throughout the entire day until i woke up earlier this evening.
  8. Bad trip, relax.
  9. If you normally take a few puffs, then sucking down a whole joint will do that to you...
  10. Sounds like you got the spins :smoking:
  11. You got the greens brotha no worries.
  12. I guess. OD means overdose. Overdose means to take more then you can handle, so yeah you can technically od on weed. Only difference between that and a real OD is that you wont die, you wont come close to death. Worse case scenario is you get a headache and go to bed.
  13. Well you're still here, so no.

    You just got really high, bro.

  14. You can OD without dieing...

    But you can't OD on marijuana.

    So no, you just got really high.

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