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  1. I'm very fresh to grass city, posting anyway been reading for a while... And growing, I Have made a couple posts... As I've been in dire need of some help or advice on a few things as my plants, I research for hours a day... But for something's opinions and advice from actual people helps more.

    I can't get anyone to help on any of my posts... My plants have all died as a result of me not being able to figure some things out on my own. So my first grow is over now...

    So I know for next time... Is there anything in particular it takes or one must do to actually get some comments. Plenty of views.... Zero help.

    But thank you all for your constant dedication to these forums, I've learned a lot.

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  2. Make a grow journal , include lots of  pics, be as open as possible to suggestions and I'm sure you'll get a lot of feedback. 
  3. Just keep trying man!
    Be very detailed and include a good amount of pics and I'm sure some will get interested.

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  4. I have a grow journal... I am extremely thorough to the point I thought maybe people didn't want to read that much. A few people have commented... A few threads have been lost I can't find them... And I've only gotten one or two notifications from like 6 threads I've started but I've gotten like 5 comments... How come I don't get notifications for each comment? Oh and I include pictures... I'll keep trying though.. Thanks guys.

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    Also... How do you "follow" someone grow journal if that's even possible?

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