Did I mess up topping my plant???

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  1. I have this outdoor plant I just topped today, this is my first time growing and my first time topping, I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen or what... if you know if the plant is ok let me know, I'll include some up close shots of the spot and 360° angle so you can further decide if its ok

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  2. Triple post?!?!?! It looks like a male plant to me not that you asked that question, but I think you topped it okay, lol
  3. Good to know and I'm pretty sure it's a female, looking at the leavs and stem I think it's too crystaly to be male and it has hairs on some of the branch sprouts and idk why it posted 3 times, I didnt post it 3 times
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  4. Idk I see balls in 2 of those pics females dont get balls. And I see no lady parts at all so hopefully it's not your only plant.
  5. here are some photos of the branch sprouts, the plant is over 1 month old so wouldn't there be little balls by now? It's also like 2.5 ft tall

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  6. What you did is called the FIM technique. It stands for "fuck I missed" and it usually produces 4 or more tops instead of just 2.

    It takes a little longer to recover than a clean cut topping, but the plant will be ok.

    As far as it looking like a male, it does look like balls, but it's hard to tell if that's just the tops recovering the FIM or if it has male preflowers.

    A clear picture of the branch junction would help identify sex.
  7. I see no preflowers in your last 2 pics, but from your first post pics 1 and 3 have balls, no female pistols.
  8. Checked out the new pics. It's still too early to determine sex.
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  9. Ok I'll go take some more photos do you can identify what gender it is
    Here are some more posts, maybe you can figure this out for me

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  10. Still to young to tell sex yet.
  11. Decades growing, and I still can't tell definite gender until either the pistils or male flowers show.
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