Did I Make the correct male/female call?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by dobro49, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. i had this one growing in some late plants that I’m hoping to flower. I had the pruners so I took it out without covering it. I hope I’m right and this is male and if so, I hope it hasn’t pollinated my others. Please lend me an opine and thanks.

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  2. Definitely a male, hope you get it in time.

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  3. Definitely male. If u think or see any pods have popped mist the females with water any pollen will be rendered unless and won’t be able to pollenate the females.
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  4. Cool, I forgot this. I should have covered it before cutting.

    Thanks everybody. I’m glad to see that I made the right decision. Guess I’ll practice drying.
  5. With the males? I wouldn’t risk doing anything with that pollen unless your trying to perpetuate genes . Then I’d stick it in a bag sealed. But Lol that shit (pollen) keeps coming back later on for a “hello and a screw ur harvest” if you don’t get it all the way cleaned up. It’s hard to keep track of once it’s in the air
  6. I wondered about that too, thanks. It went to the compost. I’ve since misted everything else down good and hoping for the best.

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