Did I make a good choice with the strains I ordered?

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    I am new to this and was wanting to get some opinions on my strains of seeds choices. I have afghan skunk, amnesia molotov, moneybush, superbud, and these are all feminised. I have 10 of each and a very large indoor grow room all ready to go. I wanted plants everyone would enjoy. Did I make the right choices for my seeds ? Any opinions or advice is appreciated.
  2. Seems like all the strains you chose are indica-dominant with a single sativa-dominant hybrid. If you're thinking of setting up a business, you should have bought some pure sativa strains like Maiu Waui, Sour Diesel or Amnesia Haze.

    Nonetheless, I wish you the best. Wish I had the same grow-facilities as you. :weed:
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    Hey thanks for the advice. I guess if I do good with these, I will buy better strains. I have a 20x36 open room that used to be a car bay in one half of my garage, but the previous owner was going to make it a living quarters and never finished it. So I got lucky and it already had the insulation and electric done. I ran water line and put in a filter to get rid of the chlorine, then put a spickett in each section, I wont have to leave the garage to get water and make nosy people suspicious, lol. I just left it open and blocked off sections with plastics, fans, lights, etc and only spent around $900. I did all this research on how to grow, room temps, watering, soils,lights, fans, carbon filters, and containers but got all caught up in that and forgot to research my strains, lol. I will learn . But like I said , Thank you for the advice and wish you the best also.

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