Did I LST this plant correctly? [pics]

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by MVelazquez2010, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone, this is my second grow, nirvana fem blue mystic. My first attempt to LST and I am wondering if I did it right...
    Does it look like I need a bigger pot or anything like that? Any help and tips would be highly appreciated!


  2. im pretty sure your not spose to LST a plant untill it is mature and alot bigger then that
  3. Ive been told you can LST after the 3rd or 4th leafset, anytime after than and the stem will be too strong and stiff, and then it might snap when you bend it over.
  4. I've personally never had a problem LSTing ^this early out of the 4 times i've done it.
  5. That good to hear, glad to know I did it at the correct time, but by the looks of the pictures, can you or anyone else tell me if I LST'd her correctly?
  6. Well, there's no growth under there to really grow out, so I think she'll just stand back up and keep going normally. It's pretty hard to screw up a LST, but all I really see that doing is helping with that long stem which is good since you didn't really have any room to pack more soil around it.

    The plant looks real nice and healthy. From here I'd let her just stand herself back up and grow out a bit more before any more LST.
  7. Ahh allright, thanks for that, I stood her back up and I'll let her straighten herself up a little bit more then, if required I'll transplant then LST a little later when there's more undergrowth. Thanks for that bro. :smoke:
  8. Sorry, I think you actually misunderstood. That stem looks a bit stretched so it was actually not a bad idea to lst like you did, it fixed the stretching. What I meant by letting her stand herself back up was she'll start growing towards the light again and will straighten herself back out.
  9. oh noes
  10. from personal experience, and i love LST, you can start training early before the base of the stem gets woody

    and you dont want the plant actually touching the ground, maybe a couple inches so the plant has some space underneath

    and i would also be worried about your anchors, the plant will pull those out, and they can contaminate the soil, use string and pull the plant to the side of the pot, then tie laterals outward from the main stem around the pot in a star-burst kinda pattern

    go ahead and transfer into your final pot so you dont have to cut strings and re-tie after transplanting later

    i'm pretty baked atm, so if you dont understand parts just ask and i can clear them up

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