Did I LST right?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by PeeDee420, Feb 22, 2009.

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    thats not from LST'ing, thats a different form of neglect.

    edit: ps, your wires and lighting downright scares me man, look into connecting the wires proper, and also reducing the fire risk with wires hanging all around
  2. I'm confused do you mean that I didn't LST correctly and instead I hurt my plants? As far as the wiring goes I'm actually an electrician lol. My setup up is 100% safe it just looks sloppy.
  3. It sounds like you repotted and then immediately starting LST.

    In my experience, repotting is fairly stressful on the plants. They typically stop growing for ~2 days and wilt a bit before rebounding. My bet is that they're already stressed from repotting and then LST was just a bit too much. Personally, I waited until my plants were a fair bit larger before LST.

    Take a look at my grow journal:


    Post #45 is a pic of how long I waited until I started LST. IMHO you should wait until you can LST onto the side of pot rather than as it's growing out of the dirt.
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    My thought exactly on re-potting and LSTing too close together.

    However, I don't know that it is causing any real problems. Your LST looks basically OK, the pipe cleaner holding down the top is a little too close to the new growth, I'd back it down to the node below that. The plant isn't going to look beautiful when you first tie it down, in fact it will look like it got tramped on (which is pretty much what you are simulating but without breaking any stems/stalk), just give it some time and get those other issues under control you are discussing in your journal (nute burn etc).
  5. what i was saying was the damage doesnt seem to bee from LST, but infact some other unknown factor.

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