Did I lose my girl ?? Please help :(

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by TellDex, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Have had questionable light conditions in my backyard.. just want to confirm before I go ahead and pull it

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  2. Congrats it’s a girl

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  3. It feels weird to say this but please tell me you’re joking?!? I just spent a bit of time picking off the pods I spotted. I’m aware it’s in flower it was a clone off a female plant. However the pods I’ve noticed I was almost sure was an indication it had went herm?
  4. Looks to be in pretty good shape from those pics you posted....I would FOR SURE let her finish!! DON"T PULL IT........in my opinion
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  5. Ohh I see what youre talking about now....sorry....didn't pick that up the first time I glanced at your pics..... do you have other females out there going?? I would try to pull as many off as you could....if its too many and you have other females....id prob pull it.....

    SORRY AGAIN for my first post. :RoorRip:
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  6. So this is not a pollen sac??! Thank you for the input, I’m trying not to get my hopes up though

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  7. I can't tell if it's man parts or just swollen....I've F**KED UP your thread enough....I'm just gonna quit while I can.....:love-m3j:
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  8. Anyone else that can chime in? Please and thank you
  9. It looks like it got lightly seeded. I see some seeds swelling up.

    edit; yeah, it does look like some male flowers developing when I magnify the image.
  10. I'd want to pick one off and smash it to see or let them develop a little more. Sometimes they don't even open.
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  11. 100% female! Those are just swollen calyx! No worries dude! Let her grow!

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  12. could just be swollen i’d just watch it

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  13. I don't see balls
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  14. All those look like females to me. The pods I assume u were picking off is calyxs. Male balls will a bit more oval and not so pointed. They will also hang and not point straight out like calyxs. With that being said. A week or so again there was a post just like this that looked female. A week or so later it ended up being a herm. I’d watch but as of now I just see females
  15. Imo no it isn’t. A pollen sac won’t be so pointed.
  16. I had the same concern last year. Turned out to be just a swollen sac. Let it go!
  17. Swollen calyx is what those are. Most definitely... If it has hairs coming out of it. I thought that meant female. With no hairs pollen sack ?

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  18. You will know when you see a pollen sac. They are not pointed like that and connect to the plant differently
  19. I’ve opened a few of the pods up. They’re is what looks like a green under developed seed, filled with clearish gel, inside of them. Calyx doesn’t normally hold seeds do they? Appreciate all the help guys, I’ve separated the 3 plants that are showing the most defined sacs and will watch them very closely these next few days

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