Did I kill them ? (my poor babys...)

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  1. So I put 10 orange bud an 10 purple #1 from Dutch Passion in soil after they opened up in a glass of water last saturday. Today only 3 of them has made it above ground , so I gently poked in the soil to see whats up with my seeds. Then I could see they hadn't devolped and where still in the same state as when I put them in soil. The tails where around 1cm long with a brownish white color. They used to be more bright white.

    Monday night, a window stood open almost next to the soil with seeds and it probably reached below 10 degrees celcius in the soil cause its like 5 degrees outside at night where I live atm.

    So, this probably killed them or what do you think ? Should I be more patient ?
  2. hmmm i wouldnt be sure on all of them being dead. because if u still have like 17 that have not germinated yet then they prolly will still live. just try getting one of those like 2$ seed starter bed things. like they have compacted soil in the shape of a circle and u get them wet and they expand. Well try getting one of those and place like 2 seeds on each one (try using warm water it helps faster) and just slightly press the seeds into the top(dont put them in the soil, just on top), like so they are still mostly above the surface but have the wet soil touching half of it. Then just put a normal light like 7" above them, they should be in a container. and just let them sit there for 2 days and turn around w/e ones u have doubt in and just try and keep them really moist.

    Once that u see the ones with little roots poking out, be carefull and you will poke a little hole in the soil like half an inch deep and place it in there with the root facing downnn. But you need to have the soil prepared properly first. Try (without the seeds in it) pouring lots of water over the pot u are using, slowly, just so u can GET ALL of hte soil wet, until u see that there is water coming out of the bottom. Then let it sit for 10 min. then pour excess water at the bottom and try mixing back up the soil cause it goes down a bit and compresses when u water it so just mix it around and losen it up again. and make sure its not a SWAMP the soil should just be wet. Then put in the seed. the seed should probly be HALF A CENTIMETER away from the surface. place under a light. and then if your putting them outside wait till their 6-10 inches high..

    hope this helps
  3. oh ya forgot. Since it gets that cold at night there, put them inside a Warmm humid area...the lightbulb should help create lots of humitidy
  4. Thanks for your reply and advice.

    2 more of them has made it above ground, but its looking bad.. hehe.

    I actually put all seeds in those expanding round things you described. Kept em real moist all the time, and some plastic on top of the containers. Still only 5 of them has made it.. so I guess it just got too cold that night with the window slightly open near the containers.

    Well, you learn from your mistakes.. hope the ones that survived well be pretty though :p
  5. damn dude that sucks, just be more patient and dont let them get to soaked like a swamp...like are they under the soil? cause its best to just set them on top of the wetted soil.....dunno.
    good luck

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