Did I kill my seedlings?

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  1. I think I fucked up real bad. Was I supposed to put my seedlings in the sunlight right after I planted the germinated seed in the solo cup?

    Bc it's been 4 days and they haven't broke the soil yet but the soil is still moist.
  2. As long as you put them under light when they break soil your fine. Needs to be in a warm place tho.
  3. Yeah. Except mine didn't break the soil yet. I put them in sunlight before they broke the soil. Is that bad?
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    No man i put mine under 24hour lights as soon as i put the germed seed in it helps to keep the soil warm and moist. Probly would of helped to put a plastic baggie over the top to keep the humidity high but you should be good. How far down in the soil did you plant them? If they don't break ground in afew days you can take a toothpick and rake the soil back till you can see if they are growing any if not then it's probly bad seeds.
  5. About an inch and a half. A few of the cups I can see the seed just barely coming out of the soil,and then others I still see nothing sprouted at all. Only thing I can think of that's wrong is that there could be more soil in the cups, but I was thinking I'd add more when the seeds sprouted and got a little taller, so that I didn't drown them with soil.
  6. Yeah an inch and a half is why it took 4 days you should plant them 1/4" deep. If you can just see them just let em grow man they'll be up soon...:smoke:
  7. Ok this is my second grow and last year I don't remember it taking this long so I'm just freakin out a little. But I know I have to be patient.
  8. Should I add more soil though or will that just bury them?

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