Did I just potentially kill a seed?

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    So I started 3 of my seeds germinating about 36 hours ago now. I was hoping to plant them this morning, but none of the 3 were ready.

    I used the cup of water method, filling a cup with tepid water and placing the seeds in it, allowing them time to sink over night, then tapping the ones that didn't to the bottom the next morning, and leaving them, the cup covered by a saucer and hidden away to avoid light.

    So anyway I checked this morning, unfortunately it's a white mug I used so it was hard to tell if any had taproots, so I took each one out individually, none of them did, but impatience got the better of me, and I decided to plant one of them, just to see how starting them in soil after a day of soaking compared to waiting until the taproot came out.

    Was this a bad decision? If so, why? If not, will this seed be likely to sprout around the same time as the others once they're planted? Earlier? Later?


    Edit: Update.

  2. you will be fine ..

    what You have done is no different that say; a seed sitting in snow till spring and gettign set by the run off...

  3. Surely that means it's still less likely to sprout this way then? Or am I missing something?

    Apologies, I know nothing about plants really. :laughing:

    I ended up planting the other two the same way just so I know to expect them to sprout around a similar time provided they do, hope this wasn't the wrong decision. The other reason I did this is because I read some people plant the seeds when they sink in the cup rather than when the taproot shows anyway, so going by that logic I've done everything right.
  4. you are fine, dude .. relax.
  5. Thanks man. I'm just quite paranoid because in a way this is my first grow. I did one before but only with a single seed and it died right after sprouting (planted outdoors and heavy rain washed it up)

    Anyway, those 3 seeds are planted. I'll start another 3 of the Walkabout seeds germinating later or tomorrow most likely. Or I might wait until these ones sprout to see how they do with the light.

    Another question if anyone can help - my seeds are sitting in plastic tubs in the garage. It's my dad's house and he said I'm limited to the garage for starting my grow. I don't have any lights atm, though I'm thinking of getting 2-3x 6500Ks and 2-3x 2700Ks (20W each) CFLs to start the rest of my seeds quicker in a week or two. However, the garage has a window, which my plants are sitting next to. The issue is that the glass is frosted so I'm worried they won't be getting enough light - should I be concerned? Or will this be enough light until I transplant them outside in a couple of weeks?

    Thanks again :)
  6. They will need more light

    For the first couple of weeks they shouldn't take up much space( depending on what you planted em in of course ), is there an area out side you can use?
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    Not really, nowhere I could hide them in my garden without them being seen, and as for putting them out in the spots where I plan to grow them, I'm worried about doing that as my last seed was killed by heavy rain washing away the seedling - and at least in the garden if I knew heavy rain was coming I could move them in time.

    Also, an update. I planted 3 seeds this way and it's been 3 days since I planted them, 5 days since I started germination. None have sprouted yet :(

    I'm starting to think they're not going to. I also think my watering is to blame. The soil was moist already out of the bag, but I didn't have any place in the garage to empty the cup of water my seeds were in at the time, so I thought there'd be nothing wrong with splitting it between the 3 makeshift pots. I did that, made a couple of small holes in the bottom of each pot to help with drainage, but the holes were tiny and due to my watering all 3 pots seem to be quite waterlogged. I've added a couple of extra holes to each, and I hope that helps - is it too late? Is it likely that these seeds are dead now?

    Edit: Could it even be linked to the lack of light? I thought the light didn't matter *until* they sprouted?
  8. In this case, no harm done, you're fine.

    Still, I've noticed that many people here act first then ask later.
    In general, much better to do things the other way around.
  9. I know a couple growers that always just put the dry seed into a wet medium , and they have a good rate of germination , It is the way nature does it ...
  10. Yep, I grew for years just putting a few seeds into each mound outdoors, watering once then letting nature take it's course.
    Most sprouted, but you're not guaranteed the same rate as indoors under more controlled conditions.
    I usually soak the seeds for a couple of hours in warm water, then into moist paper towel in a clip-lok bag, folded into a newspaper, on top of my set top box for some warmth. They always germ and produce a tap root in under 24 hours.
    For expensive seeds, it's worth the effort.
  11. I agree. Normally I do exactly that, just making some mistakes and rash decisions with this grow, I guess having only smoked twice in the last year, and this being my first grow, the excitement's got the better of me.:p

    Thanks for the advice. I'll keep checking on them and maybe start a little journal (of mistakes) when they sprout. :)
  12. No worries. You didn't do anything wrong.
    Anything you're unsure of, it pays to ask first rather than hurt the girls. Someone here will be more than happy to help out.
    You'll soon get the feel of things and be growing like an expert. Then you can give me advice. God knows I need it sometimes.
  13. Haha thanks. I sure hope so. Although I'm nervous, thinking everything will go wrong at every step of the way, everyone keeps telling me that it'll work out great. So I'm going to try relax, and look after my plants rather than stressing myself out worrying about everything I do :laughing:

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