Did I just kill my plants

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    Everything is being grown outdoors organically in my backyard. The seeds were placed directly into the soil next to a small orange shrub. There is some shade from a lemon, avocado, and olive tree that tend to block some of the sunlight; so I may have planted the seeds in the wrong area. What's done is done.

    I was lucky enough to get two seeds that came out of a 2 gram container of bud and was very excited to plant them. I placed them directly in the soil in my backyard and my dad watered the area where they were planted (not knowing 2 seeds were there). He put a lot of water in and I told myself for sure the seeds were dead after that.

    A week later I came back and saw both of them had sprouted miraculously. One looked healthy; but the other looked like the leaves had been eaten. I've been keeping the soil moist; but I don't think I planted them in a place that has good enough sunlight. They were developing and the stems were standing up until just now at night when I noticed there were insects crawling on them and eating the leaves. I got my 3 fl oz spray bottle and placed a few drops of undiluted Organic Eucalyptus oil and sprayed the area where the seedling were. Unfortunately some of that mist hit the stems and the leaves of the seedlings. I came back after about an hour and they are no longer standing up, now they are drooping all the way down on the soil.

    Did I just kill my seedlings? I'll upload pictures if necessary.

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