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Did I just get ripped off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chillin808, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Hi I just bought a dub of grand daddy purple for 60 bucks. I looked at the stickies for newbies and stuff but I was wondering if this strain is different from other types of weed to justify the 60 bucks or are all dubs 20 bucks no matter what? Thanks
  2. Noone gets dubs of GDP for 20. 60 is what that would cost in my area.
  3. Yea thats way too high. 60 should be getting you 3.5 grams, 3 grams at the least.

    The most I've seen for a "dub" is $25.

    A dub actually means $20, even if its regular, you're gettin $20 worth of regular.
  4. We would need a picture of the bud to know whether you got ripped off or this is all "lost in translation".
  5. I pay 20$ a gram for GDP..60$ is taxing...
  6. Here's a pic.

    Attached Files:

  7. Seems decent, but waayyyy over priced.

    In Cali (where I'm from), a "dub" means $20 worth of weed.
    I picked up a gram of gdp yesterday for $15 (dank), so you should have about 1.3 grams
  8. Hmmm..In my area a "dub" is 60 (3.5) so your fine there.The picture looks good so overall id be happy

  9. I pick up an ounce of Dank for 20 bucks
    Compare to my prices :rolleyes:


  10. Looks roughly 1.5 grams, maybe 2. Shouldn't have paid more than $30-35 for that. I'd find someone else.

    Weigh it out if you can, very hard to judge weight by pictures, but thats definately not an 1/8th.

    Dont sweat it though. Count it as a lesson learned and find another dealer. I'm sure 95% have been ripped off before, and if they havent, they're probably lying.
  11. A dub in my area is $20 worth = 1 gram. Idk man. Weigh it out.

    For $60 you should at least be getiin 3.5 grams of daaaankkk
  12. bro if u even have to think about whether or not you got ripped off you probably did
  13. #13 Iluvatar, Feb 13, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2011
    What do you mean by dub? I thought that meant a 20 bag..

    And that pic, its hard to tell but it looks in between 1-2 grams. Either way that is not worth 60 unless that bag is a lot bigger than it looks in the pic
  14. lingo seems to be all messed up..
  15. ok now, a dub is just describing the amount which is 2 grams or maybe up to 2.5. Now the price can change depending on the quality of the bud. Mids quality runs about 20 for a dub and high quality runs about 30-50 in my area. All matters on who you know and know what to look to tell how good it is(crystals, smell, stem to seed ratio, buds or shake, texture, moisture) Bout to be 4:20 get your lighters up :smoke:

  16. Dude, dub is a price measurement, not a weight measurement. It might be different in meaning in your area, but the most common pricing is dime/$10 of whatever quality of weed (.5-1g of dank depending on location), dub/$20 of weed (same thing but doubled)
  17. those look like some really dense nugs but still probably not 3.5. You paid a lil more than what you should have but w/e man it happens to everyone at some point

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