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Did i just get ripped off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TwisteD31, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. So one of my "friends" who ive smoked with a few times, texted me asking if i wanted to buy a 10-sack, he usually doesn't offer... was the weird thing, hes one of those stoners that does stupid shit to get money for weed

    Anyway, i dont really have any hookups after my main dealer moved, so i figured alright, ill buy it from him..

    we meet up, i already had a feeling something was up, he gives me a bag and the weed looks really weird and dried out... but it does look like weed.

    I asked him if the shit was vaped, obviously he said no, it doesn't really smell strong at all.. and not too green, it looks vaped.. but yeah, he continued on saying how he wouldn't rip me off and shit like that.. so anyway, got home smoked it, tastes kinda wierd.. not feeling high yet.. but i did smoke a small bowl, ill smoke one more..

    anyway, heres some pics, $10 worth.. not gonna go fight him if i got ripped.. but not trusting him

  2. Very ripped
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    Regardless of whether it was vaped or not, you got ripped off. That's just not $10 worth of weed, not to mention it's full of stems.

    As a rule I only buy weed that is in nugget form, if someone is trying to sell you a bag of broken up weed I would automatically get suspicious ESPECIALLY if they call you to sell you bud.

    Weed sells itself, having someone calling you looking to sell you something should automatically raise a red flag.
  4. You don't know that.

    But the chances are that he did short you. Was it shake when you bought it? or did you grind it up?

    Roll a joint or smoke a few big bowls to see if you get high.
  5. damnit, i guess ima text him and ask whats up, still pisses me off, first time gettin jipped, good thing it was only $10...

    already grinded up when i got it in the bag
  6. Do your homework people, homework.

    You test drive the car before you buy it.
  7. A few times I've had a small amount of shit weed that I did not want, which I ended up dumping on careless buyers. It appears that happened to you as well.

  8. Yeah but you don't test drive boats before you buy them.. You can't be sure about everything.. Looks like this dude got ripped off tho. But be glad it was only 10 bucks you lost..
  9. shiiiiitttt he got you good
  10. Thats maybe worth a dollar.
  11. Dont feel bad buddy. This is what happens in an underground market. There are no standards and assholes out there rip people off. Don't worry man, what goes around comes around. That guy will get his someday.
  12. yeah, i texted him and he said he didn't do anything to it, and it was the last of some shit that he got off another buyer, buy the buyer he got it from is someone ive bought from once.. and he had some good shit..

    so i still believe this dude did some shit to it..

    anyway, he said hit him up tomorrow to buy some Blue Dream, but i just said fuck it, i aint buyin anymore shit if its like this

    thanks man, im still pretty new to smoking and shit, so i didn't know a lot about buying, so i guess he just took advantage of that, but yeah, im glad its only $10, hopefully he gets whats comin to him.
  13. Buying Boats: FAQs & Resource Guide for How to Buy a Boat

    Can I take a boat for a test drive?
    Absolutely. Just as you would take a car for a test drive before buying, you also should not buy a boat without first testing it on the water. If you're new to boating, bring a marine surveyor or experienced friend along. It also helps to bring a checklist of inspection points and questions along with you as well.
    See how the boat responds to variations in speed, turns, and wave angles. When taking a boat for a test drive, it's also important to make sure the engine was not warmed up prior to your arrival- and also make sure that you run the boat long enough to rule out any danger of overheating as well.

    Uhh... I beg to differ.
  14. You should tell him you want a gram, then when he shows up ask if you can see it - take the bag and say "Thanks, that $10 from yesterday should cover it, right?"

    Then just walk away and put the weed in your pocket.
  15. Technically weed but it looks like a pile of dead moths that have been left for a few weeks.

    Not good. Only $10 so can barely call it a rip-off in reality, only in context.
  16. That's a nice sweet you have there.
  17. Haha, yeah I should, would probly end up fighting. Probly would do it if i bought like 1/8 or some shit like that, but idk its worth fightin for $10..

    But yeah, i try to be nice and trust too many people, next time im just gonna say fuck it, i aint gettin jipped, take ur shit somewhere else.. tired of being nice and trusting people.
  18. Who cares man. It's just 10 dollars. That's nothing really. Just don't buy from him again.

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