Did I just buy a defective ashcatcher? FML,

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  1. Where did the original poster buy that monstrosity at? I've seen a lot of Maverick stuff out here in LA, and it doesn't look like theirs.
  2. It looks like the guy almost wanted to make a pillar, there is a little space up there that looks like it is where the bubbles are supposed to pop.

    Like people said use very little water.

  3. People read the previous post!!! I said earlier that I figured it out and yes little water works perfect and it's a reverse showcap.

    And to vaporhater I bought it from a local headship and it's definetly legit because I have another maverick bong that's very nice and has made in Cali on it. The first pic makes it look bad but look at the other and you'll see it works perfect.

    Also the first drop off catches all of the ash so that it won't get down in the perc, its pretty cool

  4. i wanna see this ac function!!! millvid!!
  5. I dont see the problem with it? But I own a syn shower head.
    Water level should be right above slits. Also lower water level in actual tube.

  6. Look at it again, the setup is backwards.
  7. thats not gana work on a stemless or downstem..i dont think it would sit wierd with each one
  8. It won't work in anything, it's a glorified glass sippy cup - the perc isn't a perc, it's a straw. If the stems were facing opposite directions , it would work perfectly.
  9. OP says that it works, why are you still arguing the fact?
  10. Deleted: idk lol

  11. That's only if there is enough water to go above the top of mouthpiece while being pulled, which like the OP stated after he fixed the water levels, doesn't happen. It does work, although would be better if it was a showercap rather than a showerhead, like SYN's design.

  12. Regardless, the stems are supposed to be reversed and it shouldn't have been sold to anyone.

  13. Uh, come on, the NP asked the OP where he bought the AC.

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