Did I just buy a defective ashcatcher? FML,

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    Well im no newb to glass and have a few pieces and decided to stop by my head shop today to see what ashcatchers they have and this one caught my eye because I love mushroom percs and the quality didn't look too bad. Its made by Maverick

    Its acting like everything is working backwards, I can fill it up with water and everytime I hit it, all of the water comes threw and doesnt bubble or anything but if I pull air from the top everything works perfect....which is the exact opposite of what I want it to do. I hope all of this makes sense, I am pretty mad because there are no returns since it has been used. From looking at other pictures and videos it looks like it was built backwards and somehow the air ways are mixed up

    What do you guys think?

    Theres a better pic of it acouple of post down

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  2. lol thats pretty weird.... i dunno if its designed for some odd useage with ridiculous GonG converter things or if its just made completely fuckin backwards
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    Wow never would have thought that lol thanks guys for the fast response, and I do not like it btw at all lol big waste to me
  4. From what I can tell that thing is made completely backwards so if I was you id give it a super good cleaning with iso. It shouldn't be hard cause thats not that dirty but you should then return it or ask for a replacement cause that's not right dude
  5. Also is there any way we could get a few 360 shots to really tell? But as far as I can tell from the one pic that thing is backwards and yes its a showerhead but its not meant to function the way you explain
  6. Man they coulda atleast made a SYN type showercap this thing just looks like a reversed simple showerhead :laughing: where's that Genius.jpg?
  7. Sorry for the first pic lol after looking at how I took the picture it make its look really weird but heres a better pic, after using it some its actually not too bad and makes a big difference now that I have the water levels right in my stemless Grav Lab.

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  8. looks like the joints or on the wrong parts...they been switched or sumn

    unless the smoke comes dwn then up threw the perc
  9. ya its like a reverse sghowercap
  10. ^ No it's as reverse showerhead a showercap is an implosion perc which is what this is.
  11. lol..good to know

    but yea it looks like the smoke would travel up the perc stem then out the male adapter into ur bong
  12. Bingo, it comes down then up threw the perc but after searching more its suppose to be like that and works better than my 12 arm ashcatcher I have so I guess its not too bad of a buy after all. I may do a video later to show how it works better.
  13. Have you tried using ALOT less water? Or does it spill out pretty much no matter how much water is in it? Deff seems kinda like a flawed design, the upstem should be much wider for that to function decently.

    Could try with just a small amount of water in the bottom, covering like half of the slits maybe. Basically be a dry chamber add on, and should catch the ash as long as theres water in the bottom.
  14. i find i like my water levels just above the percs

    less water will deff help with the leakage
  15. *my face when this percolator*
    What in the fuck is an implosion perc? Ima need a video to understand this. :smoking:
  16. Instead of the smoke going down the stem into the perc it empties into the chamber then goes in and up the perc coming out the top instead. It's pretty much a showercap that works in reverse. Look at SYN showercap vids for reference.
  17. with a thin later of water at the bottom of the AC it would work well to keep the ash from changing chambers actually
  18. It also may be designed without the intention of having water in it. Might just be to catch the ash and to diffuse the smoke, rather than cooling it prior to it entering the bong. I'm probably wrong but the thought occurred to me.

  19. nah its definitely suppose to have water in it and is more for diffusion than ash catching like I said before its smoother than my 12 arm perc ashcatcher, it was just different to me at first because I knew nothing about implosion percs and the water level in the 2nd pic I posted is about perfect for it.

    If I can find my camera I will upload a vid

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