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Did I heat my GD Tincture too long

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Bic Castelle, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Hello!
    Last night I made some green dragon tincture for the first time, following Master Wu's guide, although I changed a few measurements. I used 2 grams of Dairy Queen in one ounce of Bacardi 151 (instead of 3.5 per 2oz) 
    I figured this way I could try it with less and then when I'd be left with a half fl oz of pretty potent tincture. 
    My concern is that I may have heated it too long because when I was done I only had around .2 - .3 of an ounce. Can it degrade the potency or ruin the tincture if too much alcohol evaporated? 
    After I was done my cat jumped onto the counter when I turned around and knocked everything over :( thankfully only a couple drops spilled. I licked these up with my finger and it did make me feel relaxed, but I don't know if that was just the Bacardi because I don't drink and I hadn't eaten much before. 
    I'm going to try it in a few days after my T break and I'll post results. 

  2. I would hazard to say that the licks of Bacardi didn't get you drunk at any noticeable manner.

    It probably was the tincture. I'm not too experienced with GD but I feel like alcohol is pretty volatile and will vape pretty easily where as cannabinoids are solid and shouldn't vape away unless your temp got away from you. Did you use a candy thermometer?

    The one time I did try GD I tried using not much ethanol like you and my damn candy thermometer wouldn't even touch the solvent lol

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  3. Hey man, thanks for the response. I had a digital thermometer that I thought would get the job done but found out mid process that it only measured up to around 105 F. So I just eyeballed it and estimated. The water bath began boiling a tiny bit towards the end, so if it got too hot it wasn't for very long. So it should be fine, thanks again. 
  4. Alright, so my friend and I both tried the tincture and while it didn't make us high, it was very relaxing and after we'd had a bowl the effects of the tincture seemed to be more noticeable, but very subtle. (The high was great though, it felt like my first time. Although I attribute that to the T break)
    A day or two later I used up the last of it on a trip and it once again didn't make me high, but was a pretty good nausea relief and relaxant.  
    Also, after I finished making it, I decided to take the wet weed and put it back in some more alcohol to try the cold method. My reasoning was that if the hot method didn't work and i didn't get high off it, then there's still THC in the plant and I can re use it. (not 100% sure)
    So I just strained out the container i had sitting since most of the alcohol had evaporated out, tried a little bit and I felt like it got me a little bit higher than the hot method and i had a good portion less. 
    Anyway, that's my experience with tinctures. If I do it again, I'm going to try the cold method. 
  5. I would suggest that you go to PsychedelicSam's tincture threads

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