Did i have a healthy root structure?

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  1. First grow. 400w ceramic metal halide. 400CFM exhaust. Passive intake. Root zone temperatures 75 day, 61 night. RH 60-65% during veg and 40-50% in flower.

    7 weeks from seed to preflowers, and then 12/12 for 8 weeks. I had two female bag seed plants in final pots of five gallons in a coco/perlite mix (50/50), and fed them GH Flora Duo. Two transplant. One from seed to 3 gallon pots about 14 days from seed, and then into the final pots right before I flipped to 12/12. 10 day flush. Flushed every other day 2 gallons per gallon of medium. Five total flushes. At one point I had a root rot scare because of a smell, but it went away when humidity dropped. Had a case of spider mites and while mighty wash eradicated them, it seriously burned my girls (think it ran off and into the medium). Fed her 300 PPM to start PHed at 5.8, working my way up to 1200 PPM in peak flower. No nute burn until mighty wash incident.

    So, knowing the life of the plant, how do the roots look? Would you consider her root bound by any means. Can you tell that I had a humidity problem at one point? Any signs of a cured case of root rot?

    Btw, this one plant yielded a few grams short of three ounces. The other did 2.2 ounces.

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  2. Here's the second one.

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  3. Looks fine.

    Piece of advice...upgrade to Smartpots(or their like). Gives even healthier roots.
  4. looks good this is how a plants root should look lik after flower

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