Did I Had A Lucid Dream?

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    I was reading on how to Lucid dream like near 9pm. I went to sleep thinking, tonight, i'll fucking lucid dream. So I set my alarm to 12pm(the guide said that...) and I was like, tomorrow's a hard day at school don't wanna wake up and go back to sleep and be sleepy all day. So near 10-10:30pm I turn the alarm off(went to sleep at 9:30pm).
    I sleep like normally, but sometime near the night I just fucking woke up. I check the time, 7:41am. That's when I realise i'm fucking late for school :eek: but then i'm like,impossible it's already 7:41am, so I shake my head and the time changes, it's not 7:41am but 4:41am. So I relaxe and go back to sleep.
    So was I in a lucid dream for like 10 sec?

  2. In my human behavior class we did a dream study, a lucid dream is one in which the person will realize they are dreaming.
  3. Correct myself, you have to be aware you're dreaming(ex: yep,I know im dreaming now,not in real life,etc.)
  4. I've had many lucid dreams myself, and the two posters above me are correct. To have a lucid dream you have to be aware that you are dreaming whilst in a dream. When you first do this you'll probably get really excited and the excitement will wake you up.
    Keep trying. It's a really fun and mind blowing experience. You can do anything and I mean anything. The only reason I look forward to t-breaks is because I always have lucid dreams during them. I don't even really remember my dreams when I'm not on one.
    Oh, and by the way. Flying is a lot of fun  :smoke:
  5. Sounds like you were just groggy/over tired. Lucid dream are when you realize your dreaming and then can control said dream. If you really wanna amp up your chances of Lucid dreaming set your alarm for 4 or 5 in the morning get up for a couple of minutes and go back to bed. This is when your REM sleep is at its peak so you will have a very good chance of dreaming and with the right training and patience, Lucid Dreaming.  :smoke:
  6. Haha you must of seen it wrong. Probally wake up and stare ar the clock to fast. Thats a mini heartattack. I had some lucid dreams before. Its all fun and games till you try and control it and it doesnt work. Buzz kill :/
  7. I've had a few lucid dreams in the short time I have inhabited the Earth. I usually just wake up when I realize I am dreaming though. 
  8. I'm truly mad at my brain because I had a dream where I thought I was dreaming.
    A little bit more in depth was that I remember that I think I was in a room. For some odd reason, I found my self injecting heroin in my arm. However, I do believe that correlated to the scene of Breaking Bad which I had just watched (right before I slept) Jessie shoot heroin. Then some guy for some odd reason wants to punch me and I dodge it, and he disappears. At this moment, I remember exactly thinking "Wait, this is a dream.". My next thought was this "Naaaaaah." and then I was waiting for the heroin high or someshit. Two minutes later I woke up. 
    I wish I had continued my thought process on dreaming rather than whatever the fuck I was doing.
  9. Yeah I know,its because like @just1morebowl said,you need practice and sometimes youre more excited. So I thought,maybe I was really excited and shit
  10. I've never tried to have a lucid dream but I think I had one once:
    My parents were on holiday and I had the house to myself, I had my bong out and stuff I wouldn't want them to see.
    Well I woke up and I heard people moving around the house and people talking while Shakira song was playing in the background so I was trying to get out of bed to hide things but I couldn't move. Then I fell back to sleep a while later, it was really weird.

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