Did I Go Too Far?

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    :laughing:...yeah. So she was rambling about some experience she had with apes(she's a physical anthropologist) and how one of them was trying to undress her. So me being stoned off my ass off the green crack and just being my jerk self say out loud "did you let it?". I kid you not GC, it was silent for a second and the whole class started busting up. I think she might've given me that look like I went to far but then she played along and said "ya I did I let him take my shoe off but then he started playing with my ankle so I was worried he would break it so I called security".

    So I am trying to tap that ass(at the end of the semester don't worry I'm not jeapordizing my grade), and, yeah, it's kind of a life goal for me (teacher -student :D). So do you guys think I went to far? I'm naturally a nice guy so sometimes when I let loose I overanalyze everything I say so I'm not quite sure if I'm just being my overanalyzing self or did I actually cross some sort of social boundary with professors and students?
  2. on a scale of 1-10, how high are you? you sound pretty high, pretty up their...

    fucking just FUCK THAT TEACHER!! :)

    then tell us how it goes :) i love stories like this, theyre something of ledgends...

    you must be pretty smart, your doing like the study of apes at university.
    i reckon you could pull it off, gotta have the right attitude for classy teacher women. idk lol :) im just a stoney kid. just chill x
  3. You're good brah. Going too far would've involved shouting "FUCK YEAH BESTIALITY".
  4. There's always going to your class in a ape costume with a cutout hole for your dick to hang out.

    That's pretty far.
  5. ahaha yeah she seemed to find it funny. At first she looked at me like "did you just say that?" and then when the whole class was laughing she laughed it off. Haha, I was fucking priceless though the whole class I was busting her balls it was fun :D

  6. Yeah but it would have been a few notches higher on the funny scale. :eek:
  7. You should wear a monkey mask the next time you have class and undress her.

  8. Yes, I like this idea.
  9. You should defiantly do something sexual to her in an ape costume...
  10. So we've learned that it wasn't as bad as doing something in an ape costume. And....I need to do something sexual to her in an ape costume. Well thanks for all of your wonderful advice GC ;)

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