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Did I Get Too High?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DownhillRider, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. i was smoking yesterday and i wasn't sure if it was going to be enough to get high so i held it in for as long as i could and did squats in the meantime while holding it in, exhaled. it was all good and 3 minutes later i thought i was dreaming, nothing felt real, everything was new to me and I could hear every sound x 1000 like someone shooting guns inside my ear and with every step i hear shots and it got a little dark, I seriously felt like I was dreaming with way more intense I was freaking the fuck out, then I went to class and it was so fucking loud I could barely stand it, i didn't want to ever smoke again. if i was in a quiet place i just heard music and buzzing but it was ok but with people talking it was horrible, i could hear everyone breathing but after an hour and a half I started to really enjoy it and it was ok for the next ours. a few hours later i got high again but it was all good, did i get too high or was this because of the squats i did?

  2. Id imagine if you inhaled the smoke then started doing squats you would of pushed the smoke into your stomach, it happens when you take a hit then tense your stomach muscles. Noone will be able to truely tell you what was wrong though as we weren't there but im guessing at those squats tho!
  3. it was probably some pretty dank bud, if you dont smoke alot then thats maybe what caused it... but now im trying that method aha :bongin:
  4. It's rather irritating when I see posts about people 'holding it in for as long as I can to get higher'. From what I understand 99% of the THC in the smoke is absorbed almost instantly, as long as you breathe deeply. All you're doing by holding your breath is depriving your brain of oxygen.
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    I believe you DO get higher from holding it in due to other cannabinoids (and unwanted chemicals) being absorbed that wouldn't have been if you exhaled after a 2 second hold. It also causes a headrush, but that can easily be attained if you exhale the smoke and hold your breath. It will get you higher, but damage your body more, because it causes more lung damage, let's in more carcinogens, and deprives you of oxygen. Because of this, I don't hold in hits for more than 5 seconds.

    OP, you determine how high you are, if you think you're too high, you probably are.

    I say if you want to get higher, you should do deep breathing meditation with your eyes closed while focusing on your high as well, then put in some headphones and zone to some tunes to enhance it . You'd be surprised at the sensations you can experience with weed. If you are super high, you WILL be blown away ;)
  6. You were prob just paranoid lol

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