Did i get the job?

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    Alright so i had 2 interviews at olive garden, and i was told the manager was supposed to call me saturday, it's already sunday and i'm just confused now... Did i get the job, did i not get the job? Why didn't she call yet? I'm thinking about calling them tomorrow, but i have no idea what to ask, or say i don't wanna seem pushy. I really need this job :(
  2. Most of the time when they say they'll call back, and they never bother to, it usually means you didn't get the job. Wait another day maybe, then give them a call. Hope you get it!
  3. Definitely call em tomorrow to check up on it
  4. Call them Monday and ask if he had time to sent down and think about who he's hiring, if he doesn't say just re assure him with saying, 'well I'm still really interested in the job' or something around those lines. But you don't want to be calling him everyday...see what happens when you call him...
  5. Call them on Monday. Places like that usually have more than one manager so between 2-3 managers, supervisors and the owner they're run like a shit show and thus so is the hiring process.

    Definitely give them a call tomorrow afternoon.
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    What do you think i should say when i call them, and why would the hiring manager say she would call me saturday, and not call me?

  7. No idea. Boston pizza did the same thing to my friend though. They were suppose to call him but they didn't. He called back and they said they didnt have his resume on file. So he went in to give it to them again and it turns out they did have it. They said they would call him in a week and they didn't so he called back and the lady said his first shift 2 days prior to him calling.

    Something similar happened to my girlfriend at kelseys.

    Those chain restaurants are completely miss managed and chaotic.

    Just call them up and ask for a manager. Tell them you were expecting a call Saturday regarding your employment at the restaurant but haven't received it and you would just like to check in to see if a decision was made.

    I wouldn't call to inquire about the results of your drug test. You may come off as shifty.
  8. Well how would i know if i got the job then? Job hunting and finding jobs is so confusing
  9. Gotta call them, man.
  10. Yeah dude, just gotta call.

    nothing bad could come of it
  11. man i'm in the same fuckin boat with a local restaurant here, went in for one interview, they told me to come back the next day for another, so i did and he was like cool i'll have my manager give you a call and...the call never came.
  12. Alright so im about to call them.. What should i say!?
  13. "Hi, my name is xxxxx and I'm calling to inquire about my employment status."

    Then, if needed, explain that you went through both interviews and was expecting a call earlier but had not yet heard anything back yet.
  14. Just call, just do it. And let us know what he says, lol. Good luck! :wave:
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    So I got this interview at McDonalds, anyone have any interview tips?
    How would you answer the question: "what are you weaknesses?"
  16. Just show up and say "I'm ready for work"...shows initiative...I'd hire u
  17. [quote name='"Mattbo4"']

    Just call, just do it. And let us know what he says, lol. Good luck! :wave:[/quote]

    Alright so I called them and they told me the manager who was supossed to call me won't be in till tomorrow, gotta wait till tomorrow :(
  18. So I didn't get the job... This sucks guys :( I had such high hope. I called them asked for the manager and the manager didn't even bother talking with me. She told one of the workers there to tell me that if she decides to hire me she'll call. :(

  19. shit brotha, i was just looking for this thread to see how it fared for you. i'm about to go to the restaurant too and see whats up but i;m not expecting good news....
  20. Alright so they called me back and now they want me to go there for a 3rd interview... WHY WON'T THEY JUST HIRE ME :(

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