Did I get set up?

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  1. Well, first off let me start off with saying hey there to all of Grass-city! This is my first official post, and I have been smoking for about 2 years total, with a 9 month T-Break in between.

    Basically what happened was, I was at a private beach near my house with a friend.. He had pre-rolled a joint, and began to smoke it, He walked down the street, and when he came back he seemed compelled to give me the joint, he said "Hey man, can you hold onto this for a second, I gotta do something".. Well, of course I didn't see a problem in it, so I took it, and literally five seconds later a car comes bye, and all I hear is WHOOP WHOOP.. Undercover cop car...

    I was caught red handed, with a joint in my hand that I hadn't even smoked.. It was hard to explain to the cop that I had not even smoked it, but I wasn't going to snitch on my friend so I decided to take the blame. My friend sat there on the side-walk and made idle conversation with the cop's partner.. .About sports and school. He didn't even say it was his bud, he was going to let me rot and get in trouble, so basically I get let off with a warning, because it was only about .9, and half smoked.

    Do you think my friend had saw the car coming, and panic'd so he gave me the joint?

  2. I wasn't there, but from your side, it sounds like your friend thought fast and decided to throw you to the wolves.
  3. Did you ask your friend?
  4. Yes, I did ask him and he said that he had no idea that the car was coming, which is hard to believe because he literally walked down the street and came back... I was just curios to see what you guy's thoughts would be on it.
  5. Sounds like your friend threw you under the bus. I wouldn't hang out with him anymore.
  6. hahaa "hold the joint man" WOOP WOOP
    he left you out dry boy!
  7. damn your friend is a piece of work.
  8. that aint yo boy he knew the cop was comin, so he told you to hold the joint. fuck em fake ass side buster
  9. Awh well, it's life I guess. Gotta go through a few bad friends to find a good one, thank's guys.
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    Well why did he have you hold the J in the first place? or did he have no reason for you to hold it

  11. I don't honestly know, he just asked if I could hold it for a minute.
  12. Okay, first of all, I do not know one single person who would see a cop car traveling toward's them and instinctively handing his friend the joint instead of tossing it. Either you're trippin' or your friend is a fucking douche and you should probably call him out.
  13. He definately screwed you then dude
  14. What a fucking dough head bro! I would have kicked the fucking shit out of him for setting you up like that. He obviously saw the cop car coming and left you hanging high and dry.
  15. It seems like if he knew the cop was comin he would have threw it down or something ... not give it to you. But I don't know people can ne shitty
  16. You didn't ask for a reason afterwards? Could try asking him now, but if he really did screw you over he's probably had enough time to think of a reason

  17. I didn't really see a point after about a week, I didn't get a charge so I didn't get that mad, I just won't smoke with him anymore.. If I was smoking it, I would have probably understood, but I didn't even take a hit of it.
  18. Without a doubt that douche bag is NOT your friend.
  19. Bitch made. I wouldn't smoke with him again.

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