Did I get ripped off?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Greenzendot, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. So I bought half a weed cookie for 5 bucks. It didn't do anything to me. Did I get ripped off??
  2. How long ago did you eat it? Was it real dry or did it taste normal?
  3. I ate it like
    about 2 hrs and 20 min ago. And it was sort of dry it tasted kind of good and I didn't necessarily feel like there was weed in it
  4. no

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  5. It normally takes me about 45-60min before I can notice the effects of any edibles, and any cookie or brownie I've had was dry and crunchy and wasn't very good. You may have gotten screwed
  6. I just bought a 4 dose brownie for five at the dispensary. 6 hours of actually not wanting to smoke i was so high. Yeah you got ripped like a tight asians pussy.
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    what can u really expect from a 5 dollar cookie high tho, i know this lady that used to sell me little edible candies for 15 bucks a pop, my friends spoke so highly of these but when i tried them, fuck, i was high for literally 15 minutes and then the high was gone and my friends look back at me in their vehicle and go "YEAH BUT THE HIGH WAS INTENSE WASN'T IT?" im like what the fuck did i just pay for...
  8. if you didn't get high, you got ripped off IMO.
  9. You bought only half? Of course it wasn't going to do anything if it was those low dose ones. Next time, get the whole thing and from a better place.

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  10. Even dispensary edibles don't give me a noticeable high, who's to say how much pot was in there?
  11. Make your own edibles, get around an eighth of wax (or other concentrate) boil it with vegetable oil (the fat content mixes well with the thc, absorbing it) and put the vegetable/oil mix in with any recipe you like. They will work under any circumstance
  12. You paid $5 for half a cookie that some dude bought two for a dollar at McDonald's. And dropped half so he couldn't eat it. That mafucka is a hustler!
  13. I agree, make your own edibles, then you'll know the potency of what you're getting. Use concentrate for the best quality or shake or stems if need be
  14. Yeah theyre kinda hit and miss sometimes. I love making mine though always work haha.
  15. This is probably what happened. You got played OP
  16. It's only five bucks so no big deal : P my friend paid 20 dollars for a 20 sac and the guy ran off. He opened the bag to find grass off of the ground. Grass for Christ's sake

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  17. I'm surprised you weren't able to buy the whole thing for 5. Yeah you got ripped hard.

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  18. Yeah, and the satisfaction of eating your own creation makes it 10x better too
  19. you're probably so high that you think you got ripped off 

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