Did I Get Ripped Off?

Discussion in 'General' started by Klimmit, May 30, 2013.

  1. IMG_0207.JPG I paid 60 dollars for this. It was supposed to be a third of an ounce, or about 9.3 grams. Nugs are of a medium density, not too fluffy not too compressed.
    So, what do you guys think?

  2. if it weighs right and it smokes right than you're good I guess.
  3. I cant weigh it, thats the problem.
  4. Get a ruler, a marker and some some paper money.
    Ball the paper money up as best you can and stack it on  one side of the ruler and your bud on the other. it should be 1 bill equals one gram or something like that.
  5. Just go get a scale, it's better to spend the money on one now then to always wonder if you got ripped off.
  6. The amount looks right, I'd say that looks around 9 grams. The buds I couldn't get a very good close up on but they do look good.

    I'd be happy with that, in my area $60 will get me an eighth, maybe 4 grams if I'm lucky.
  7. Why can't you buy a scale?
  8. I either buy weed, or a scale lol. I think that choice was clear.
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    I spent $16 on a .1 pocket scale. You can do the same.
  10. Oh to be 16. 
  11. If you were around this area that looks more then 60 worth, I think you did just fine.
  12. You can get a scale for $10. And you don't have to be 18 to buy em. Just throwing that out there for anybody that's interested. :rolleyes:
    But for the most part it doesn't look like you got ripped off. But looks can be deceiving.
  13. Cant tell, but also make sure to check for spider mites. That's a good sized amount for 60 so something may be wrong with the buds? I would invest in a pocket microscope, you can get one for about $4 off of amazon.
  14. Looks like a decent bag for 60, get us closer shots.. Also does it get you high?
  15. I'd gladly pay $60 for half of the amount shown.

    The only question that really matters is this: Does it get you stoned every time?
  16. It's a special time in my life :)
  17. Does it get me stoned: It doesn't knock me on my ass or anything, but yes, I guess it does.
    A bud: http://imgur.com/iAbWkrN
  19. http://imgur.com/iAbWkrN
    Yup, I'd say that's a decent deal for 60..
  20. Looks to be about 4 g's. If it tastes good and get you high, then it's worth it.

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