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Did I get ripped off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jb150, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. #1 jb150, Aug 1, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 1, 2012
    Hi, I was wondering if I got ripped off buying weed.

    The guy I buy from just sells 'draws' for £20 I live on the outskirts of London if that helps with pricing.

    Anyway I bought 8 'draws' so £160 and when I put them all on scaled all 8 coming from around 1.96-2.05 grams. I feel like I should have got more for my moneys worth, but to me although I don't know that much about weed it looks like there's a good cut in each bag.

    Edit: To avoid confusion maybe I didn't explain it good enough or maybe you're all super stoned lol but post #6 "I mean I weighed all 8 of the draws seperatly and all the baggies were weighting to around 1.96-2.05. So in simple terms lets say around 16 grams for £160 so a gram per £10." I did not pay £160 for 2grams.
  2. Dunno about the average price of dub sacks in the UK but here in Canada that would be twice as expensive as it should be per bag.
  3. mate you got a good deal in the UK my dub sacks in northampton area weigh up around 1.5 maximum!! you really should of bought say half oz for 120 or something and got like 14 grams tho, seeing as u did just pay 8 X 1.95 (example) = 15grams, so basically you just paid 40 pound for an extra gram
  4. 160 for 2g or its just me?
  5. All together 2 grams? You got ripped the FUCK off. BAD.
  6. I mean I weighed all 8 of the draws seperatly and all the baggies were weighting to around 1.96-2.05. So in simple terms lets say around 16 grams for £160 so a gram per £10.
  7. Really wtf 2 grams for 160 you should have got like 13- 16g
  8. Each bag was around 2 grams. So no, he's fine.
  9. that was a sigh of relief to hear that
  10. Really guys? He said he got 8, 2gram bags

    He has around 16 grams.

    You didn't get ripped off mate. But, you could have done better.
  11. People need to realize weed is not crack and if you wouldnt infalte the price so much we could all benefit!
  12. That was a gret deal actually. it would have cost me 220!
  13. in ireland its 200 for 14 grams of dank! :(
  14. That's so disappointing I almost cried.

  15. and im a daily smoker! :mad::mad:

  16. man i gave up on dealers thats why i grow now but it would of been nice to have a dealer that sells cheap has dank and is friendly all i could find is dealers who sell schwag not cheap and arnt friendly and barely wanna sell man idk why dealers even sell weed if they dont really wanna sell it
  17. Exactly. I'm thinking about growing myself. I am friends with a few drug dealers, so they hook me up fairly well. I know just the dealers you're talking about. It's like they don't give a shit about it.
  18. yea fuck good i read it before the edit otherwise my response wouldve been like many others. It seems either normal or good depending on where u are, not ripped off though.
  19. Yeah, you got ripped off, especially for London, I like in the south ;) And around here £100 a half isn't uncommon, if not cheaper...
  20. That's not bad in the scheme of things, here in the midlands you normally get a gram for £10, so its basically the same as you buying 16 tens. Realistically you probably should've got some sort of "discount" for buying so much so around £120 would be a better price.

    Still, if weed was legal the tories would find some way of taxing the shit out of it and it would be way more expensive haha.

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