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Did i get ripped ofF?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StrangerJuice, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Ok so today i bought what i thought to be a half O. I paid 50 dollars to my dude and he runs 30 miles away and gets it. Drives back an hour later and hands me a sack. Now you guys know the cellophane on cig packs? Well yeah one of those about 3/4ths the way full with like pebble size nugs. I have boughten a half of Schwag before and it be the size of a fuckin baseball. I asked wtf was up this is like a quarter and he said somshit about it being fire. Well he drove off i went and put it inside my pill bottle. Smoke a bowl of it and start smelling it and it smells kind've like pickles so idk if i got ripped off or not. Didnt see any hairs on the bud did notice a white like things on them. Very bright green bud aswell. Only took three hits and got high.

    So did i get ripped off?

  2. haha probably man.


  3. lol'd
  4. Definitely, an oz would not fit in a cigarette pack .
  5. [quote name='"Purpleface"']Definitely, an oz would not fit in a cigarette pack .[/quote]

    He only said a half oz.
  6. 3 hits of schwag gets you high? god i wish that was the case with me
  7. a half o wouldn't fit in cellophane either.
  8. Don't think it was schwag smells really like sour. And looks way better than schwag lol just not sure if i got what i paid for
  9. Lesson 1: Never buy a half ounce for $50

    Lesson 2: Never pay the money before you see the product

    Lesson 3: Don't give money to someone to go get your weed for you

    Lesson 4: Don't buy off of someone you don't trust, especially bigger amounts

    Lesson 5: Use common sense, did this really sound legit to you?

    Lesson 6: Come on man

  10. a picture would really help. There are 14 grams in a half oz, so you probably did get shorted. I doubt that you can fit 14 grams in a cig wrapper, unless maybe its from a 100 pack
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    well good weed never ever smells like pickles.....sorry to say. It being very smalle nugs it could have fit. No one here can tell you, we have no idea what it even looks like. If you want to buy weed and know if you are getting the right amount get a scale if not you will never know. very skeptical of these white things lol....wouldnt you question some white things mixed in with your weed before smoking it? lol what if it was random chemical

  12. If three hits got you high its pretty good, and you paid fifty so that should be about 3-5 grams depending on where you are, 3/4 of a cellophane... id guess up to 3 grams depending on nug size. So technically you DIDN'T get ripped off.
  13. You also cant have someone get your weed for you and tell him you got ripped off, its your fault. You should make your own purchases so you can decide if its worth buying, if you were ripped you dont even know whos fault it was man....
  14. Don't make a thread asking if you got ripped off if you're not going to post pics.
  15. If your told its 50 for a half O and you get less, you got ripped off, end of story. Doesnt matter what it normally costs, you got ripped because you probably would have taken that money elsewhere...there is no "technically" lol
  16. ^This
  17. The reason i didn't go get the bud is because everybody was dry but this guy who was idk like a BIG dealer and considering i look like im 15 i could not go.
  18. OP probably thought he was buying a half o of mids for 50, but really the dealer got him dank that was worth 50 (3.5 gs) and he is mad lol
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