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Did I get ripped off?(Pretty sure I did)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WetwithSharp, May 26, 2010.

  1. I just was trying out this new guy and for 70 bucks this is what I got(supposed to be a quarter). I'm pretty sure I'm not going to him again after this, but let me know what you guys think. There's a ton of shake in it. Picture is in the attachments

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  2. you never know until you smoke it :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  3. Sorry man, looks like you got fucked. Lesson learned, move on.

    and don't try to 'beat his ass' like I'm sure someone will advise you to do, it's just not worth it
  4. That shit looks browner than your lighter, yuck. Not worth $70 by any stretch of the imagination, maybe for an ounce of that... But not a quarter ounce.
  5. Looks like you got ripped bro.

    Based on sight alone I would not have paid 70 for that bag.

    Smoke some, maybe it's the shiznit, who knows?
  6. It looks like you got an eight of swagg so i reccomend take that look up how to make iso hash and smoke that but next time purchase in lower ammounts at first and check that bag out remember its ok to say you wont purchase that eight of shitty brown dick weed for 70$

    EDIT- by the way if he said that was "Brown Haze" you are royalled retarded
  7. beat his ass.

    ..that's not a good deal, if it was like over an oz of that stuff then maybe but that's about 20 bucks worth or so
  8. $70 for a quarter.. of dirt weed?

    Yeah you got ripped off.
  9. You should have got an ounce of that SHIT for $70 imo. You got did in man.

  10. yo beat his ass :D

    actually though, im sorry dude looks like a bad deal
  11. To be honest... that looks worse than the brick shit I get for 50$ an ounce around here
  12. I made the same mistake at college...found a new guy, picked up a quarter...shit was so bad it took so much to get me high, and on top of that I paid more than usual because he said it was supposed to be "solid mids". After that I made sure I looked the shit over before I purchased. Like someone said, lesson learned, don't make the same mistake. :smoke:
  13. i would pay like 6 dollars for that
  14. that looks like shwag. maybe it isnt tho idk i can barely see. But if u did i can get 28g's of mids for 60 :p

  15. x2 ^^

    Im pretty sure it happened to all of us once. But ya live and learn.
  16. I've had friends from other cities pay for stuff like that at outlandish prices and always wondered how they justified it. That doesn't look worth anything near 70$
  17. Holy fucksticks you got ripped off man :/

    As soon as you saw how much was in that bag, you should've told him "fuck no thats not 70$". Let alone that it looks kinda schwagish.

    Light up a bowl to ease yourself, you already bought it. Nothing to do now but blaze it :smoke:
  18. And there's a shitload of seeds and stems... look at the bottom of the bag there's tons of seeds. Feel bad for you man sucks to get ripped off.
  19. Dam bruh, Im sorry to say you have just been "fucked over" but as a stoner once said "Jipp me once shame on you, Jipp me Twice and I'll kick your ass"

    But man, I'll help you out with some tips, don't every give a new dealer more then 20, you know just to see if he provides, its sort of like a test, you give him bigger amounts if the dealers passes and give you a good amount of good shit for 20, and always check your shit, O and also pay first then recieve the product, but hey you got a real good lesson out of this, and its still weed so just get high and
  20. *sigh*, I'm pretty annoyed over this. See I wasnt the one to pick it up. I was at work so my girl went down and did it(she's not too informed on the matter) and came back with this.

    I'm done with him I believe. I just texted the guy that hooked me up with the dude and he said 'Yeah, I'll bitch ya him. He usually doesnt let too many seeds get in my shit and I usually only get 20 bags. So maybe he thought he could jipp me. I'll try and take care of it.....I should've taken my scale with me."
    I dont think he realizes how fucking shitty the stuff is to begin with...let alone getting a small ass amount.

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