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did i get ripped off?? help urgent

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Im2Trill, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. so i got about 1.5 grams of this DANK DANK DANK DANK DANK ASS BUD for 60$.

    now keep in mind im from ohio, i think weed is pricey here. no pics on the pickup sorry. but do u think 60$ for 1.5 grams is absolutly rediculess? (its dank ass crystally stinky herb)

  2. yes. No bud should ever be that high, idc if it's in a block of THC.

    1.5 grams at most should be 35$. 40$ is very rare, anything over and your getting ripped.
  3. yeah you got boned. pure boned, dude. sorry.

    bummer. that sucks.
  4. sorry for no pics. looking for more opinions.
  5. Yes i would NEVER pay 60 for 1.5 G's of weed. DANK DANK weed should never exceed $20 a G.
  6. the most i pay is $15 every .8~

    mostly $15 per gram even if dank
  7. hahaha you didnt get beat you got raped

    that ***** prolly smoked a fatass free blunt of chronic just from you payin 60 for 2 gz. actually I bet he smoked 1.5 in bong hits or a blunt that same night ( for free ). Anyone agree?
  8. $20 for .8 or 1 gram, 40 for 2 grams and 65 for an eighth(3.5). $60 dollars for 1.5 = fucked.
  9. Yea man u got jipped hard, and isn't Ohio known for its sweet dank?
  10. dude i live in ohio you got screwed.. 1/8 of that shit costs $50
  11. Yep 60 for 1.5 is expensive I say you got ripped off. Ohio should be cheaper for buds its home to Meigs county.
  12. In a few minutes there's gonna be another thread started:

    "I totally just ripped off this guy! 60 for 1.5, What a Nub!"

    Haha, but seriously, that's pretty bad, man. I'd avoid using that dealer anymore.
  13. You can't be 4real.. 1.5g's for 60? Damn you got fucked.
  14. you got boned hard.

    you should never be paying $40 a gram.
  15. lol that sucks I can get 99% thc concentrate for that price
  16. yeah u got ripped off pretty bad. idk how the prices are by u, but i get 8ths of some crazy ass shit for between 50-60.
  17. Yeah Im in Ohio and I usually get 3.5 for 50...
  18. #19 Duckyx, Sep 14, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 14, 2009
    Wow. you got raped in a back ally by a crack head.

    You got ripped off harder then phelps being caught smoking marijuana.

    $20g. Nothing higher. you should of gotten an 8th. Dank prices dont really change from place to place. its usually $50-$70 8ths. everywhere. Never pay more then $20g. you should call that fucker back and be like HOE! you ripped me off and gave me herpes Id like my money back.
  19. An eighth of dank goes for $60, not a dime.

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