Did i Get Ripped By This DouchBag

Discussion in 'General' started by Pierce711, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Ok i bought a dub did the fucker rip me off or whut its pretty dense swag ok quality good smell not to strong like the usaual shit but here shit here the pic :hippie: :(

  2. wut???

    edit? why is there part of a finger in there?
  3. Pour it out of the bag and the cup then take a picture. Then post it on here.
  4. looks like a legit 20 sack to me
  5. whats in the bag, a claw?
  6. you bought a dub.
    thats what you get for a dub.
    looks straight.
  7. Yeah, dubs are only 1 - 1.3 grams if your lucky. So I don't think you got ripped.
  8. Is that a piece of an apple?
  9. i think its a orange peel in the bag.


    it does look like a apple wtf haha

  10. I was thinking potato wedge. Either way it doesn't look good.
  11. it looks like he has alien fingers.
  12. Next time specify what you want in terms of weight. Clears up a lot of problems. As in "an eighth" a "henry" or "3.5 grams"
  13. Oh Dam Naw its a Piece of An aplle and another Question im just moisterizing the swag its good quality swag tho nice orange hairs nd shit but then i want to make it more potent by puting it in a airtight cup like in the picture in a dark place for like 3 weeks make its better? and will it have that real strong smell?;)
  14. Is this a real question? :confused:

    You can't make your bud any stronger. If it's shitty it's shitty, putting it in a dark place won't do anything
  15. Dam But What about making the white crystals come out n shit
  16. I would take that apple out immediately. Putting some lemon or orange peel shavings in help but a juicy slice of apple is just going to get shit all over your bud and make it too wet to smoke. I wouldn't even smoke the bud that's come into contact with the apple, it'd be like smoking sugar.

    Putting weed in an airtight container and letting it sit is called curing. It was most likely cured prior to you buying it and curing it longer isn't going to magically make it better bud, it'll just make it smoke better if it wasn't already properly cured.
  17. This thread is to much.
  18. Ok dats coo
  19. I like to keep my weed in an airtight container anyway, makes it smell nice.
  20. d'oh

    now to answer the question
    looks like a pretty decent dub for decent shit

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