Did i get played like no tommorow?

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  1. So, I'm in my freshman year of college just got back in. woot f yeah college right? no. more like wtf, is my girlfriend pregnant?

    During summer traveling with each others families happens a lot, so we dont see each other that much, last time we had sex was in june. Now that im seeing her a lot, she's showing every single pregnancy symptom i know of.

    It's been 6-8 weeks since her last period, It just all seems to fit in so perfect.
    I'm pretty sure i know how its going to end up, but i guess im just in denial.

    Messed up shit no?

    Kinda high right now so it if doesn't make sense ill clear things up.
  2. Having sex can lead to pregnancy:confused:
  3. well.... considering you guys had sex 3-3.5 months ago that shit doesnt make sense. ur girl sounds like shes pullin one over on u

    edit: if shes sayin shes pregnant then drag her to the doctors immediately - ask her directly "are you pregnant?" if she says yes then say "come with me, were going now. right now"

    if she doesnt go, then u know its not urs or shes lying to get attention
  4. I have a friend who was pregnant and she didn't start showing signs till probably 2.5-3 months.
  5. Yeah, It just fits so perfect. Kind of hard to not think about it.
    If she is pregnant, i know for damn sure its not mine. So im done with her soon as i know for sure.

    Btw forgot to mention, she stopped texting me soon as i brought anything close to it up.
  6. So no missed periods or anything?
    She's had two since the last time we were together.
    It just seems unlikely.
  7. Not that she told me about. I mean we hung every couple weeks, and then at about that time she looked like there was a little bump, then a few days later she told me she was pregnant. Said she had an idea she might of been, but then was sure at the end of the second month.
  8. It's been 3 months at least so idk about that.
    just some fucked up shit man..
  9. Only time will tell the truth.
  10. Two periods since you last fucked? I'm no gynecologist (amateur at best, had to say it sorry) but I know it's normal to have a light period during your next cycle if you're pregnant, but two seems very unlikely. Maybe some of the fine ladies of GC have some input?
  11. how about get her a pregnancy test.
  12. if she's had 2 periods since June (the last time u had sex with her), you weren't the one to get her pregnant. Make an appt. at planned parenthood, if she is pregnant, they can tell you approximately the date she conceived.
    Menstrual cycles can be affected by diet, exercise, and stress.. just buy a pregnancy test!
    good luck

  13. Bingo.
  14. did you cum inside
  15. periods do not matter when it comes to pregnancy. a woman can have a period each month throughout her whole pregnancy.. point blank- buy the pregnancy test OR go with her to the clinic (theres really no other options)

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