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Did I get laced weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by marhijuana, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Hi guys!

    Let me start this off by saying that yes, I know weed can cause panic attacks/paranoia and it has for me before! However, this time it was a lot different.

    I smoke weed every day to sleep. I’m a young female who mostly smokes out of a bong and I usually have 1-3 bong rips before bed. 1 is usually enough to give me a buzz but it won’t get me really fried unless I pack it really high. Also, I usually start to burn out after the 2 hour mark. Anyways, I took my first bong rip at around 9:20. I was using the rest of what was in my grinder before grinding up some new bud. I noticed as I was packing the bowl that the bud was very powdery but I figured that was just because it was the last of my grinder. After I took the rip, it hurt. A lot. It hurt in the back of my mouth and my jaw and my ears. I took my puffer because I figured it might’ve been an asthma thing but it even hurt to use my puffer. After that it just got weirder.

    Usually, while I’m playing CS:GO I’ll smoke weed and I’ll be out of focus for like 15 minutes as I start to get high and then I get really good and focused. I couldn’t focus at all last night. I literally sat and stared at the screen until we hit 4-10 and then I had to leave the game because I was so out of it. The game got super 3D and weird and it wasn’t my usual high. So, I proceeded to go to bed. Usually when I get too baked I get a falling feeling and it happens until I fall asleep but last night I was super antsy. It had been about an hour and a half since my first bong rip. I could barely stand up so I went to the bathroom to try to wake myself up and that’s when I started freaking out. I looked in the mirror at myself and I instantly felt super weird. My lips were super pale, almost white. My skin was pale and I was really shaky. I went back to my room and tried to relax but I couldn’t stop shaking so I called my friend and she told me to call my dad. So, I called my dad and he brought my some toast and my stepmom assured me there was nothing wrong with the weed. I could communicate with her fine but I felt so out of it and not myself. After eating I was able to pass out around maybe 11.

    I woke up at 2am, nearly 5 hours after taking that rip and I still felt weird. My head felt fuzzy and I was kind of dizzy. I was paranoid and super dehydrated. I didn’t feel burnt out, I just felt weird. I also woke up again at 4 and again at 7.

    Is there a possibility that that half a bowl that I had in my grinder could’ve been laced? I’m only concerned because my tolerance is pretty decent and I got way, way too high. I’ve tripped out because of weed before but it never made my lips white or my face pale. My eyes weren’t even red. I know this is a lot to read but I’m a little worried.

    Thanks guys. :)
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  2. i dont think it was laced ,,theres a lot of very strong weed out there now ....and if your not really used to the stronger weed it can make you feel as you did ....really why would a dealer lace the weed ,he wants people to go and buy more from him ,,lacing the weed wouldnt be good for his sales or rep (if hes got one) ,,,mac,,
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  3. I don't think your dealer laced your weed, butttt if he's a dealer he probably deals more than weed and uses the same scale for all his goodies if you catch my drift also like was already stated if you're not use to strong weed and there's a lot of strong weed out here now it can cause you to react and have reactions like that. Hope it gets better

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  4. you greened out smoked to much and by the sounds of it you got a sativa and your used to indica. What do you call underage girls on here ? Not a billy, nope your a sally to me. Slow down on the smoking sally and stay in school
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  5. @charmanderx
    40 years at this and I've yet to run across the ever sought after Laced Weed !!
    God give it to ME !!!
    Question 1 Laced with what ??
    What substance is
    1 Cheap
    2 Can be sprayed or dipped onto the plant material
    3 Has no real smell or taste as that would give the game away
    4 Do you really think dealers are gonna surprise you with a doctored drug and risk losing all his customers ?
    Doesn't hold water.
    I suspect if you smoked some of my dry ice hash you'd think it was laced too.
    Two hits of it and my young low user friend was comatose for most of the rest of the afternoon and only moved when poked hard. Later said it was the most intense experience he's ever had.
    ( Damn Kids )
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  6. #6 BrassNwood, Oct 17, 2017
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    Trace amounts of a fine white powder left on the scale doesn't have enough authority to give the results you describe.
    A 3 letter named drug might but it takes 45 min to several hours to kick in that hard so again the facts don't add up. Just really good weed would be my guess still. I've had 2 hit weed that totally blew my head off and I'm an extremely heavy user.
    Swore we were smoking _-_ or something really nasty that first night but it didn't have the tunnel vision that one comes with and continued smoking it proved to be just really kick ass hydro.
    At 65 years of age and after 40 years I've sampled most substances on the planet at one time or another and you get to where you can identify most substances effects.
    My 2 cents.
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  7. I knew I was right I always tell the weed man use a different scale and I go so I can watch I don't play about my weed I'll buy it all day and night just treat me right

    LED Grower
  8. All the reason to grow.... I mean dealer ain’t going to waste money lacing his product. He wants everyone’s experience to be great so he has repeat customers. But still if your paranoia is too much then problem is solved by growing your own. I get nervous about thinking some times where the weed comes from that I buy. And that’s why those days are numbered. :)

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  9. #9 marhijuana, Oct 17, 2017
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    Thank you SO much for this. I felt like such an idiot for posting this. I know my weed, I’ve smoked for a few years and I know I’m not dumb. This time was totally different. The thing that freaked me out the most was that I knew nobody that had the same reactions as me. Thank you for stopping me from feeling crazy any further!❤️
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  10. Those symptoms are likely dehydration & also likely kidney distress from dehydration. Stay hydrated people!

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  11. I doubt they would lace it, its not cost effective and bad for business. Id guess if it was anything, it may have been molded. I got moldy rotted weed when i was a teenager. I didnt look closely at it til after i had an experience like yours. There was white powedery stuff and it had a slight ammonia smell. Hurt alot to smoke and made me sick like you described. I would bet it was mold.

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