did i get caught

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Midget, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. this is my first post, been lookin for a while, looks like a cool place

    ok so i smoke a couple times a week, and yesterday before work i had a bowl, and left some clear eyes in the pocket. today, my mom found the clear eyes and kept it kinda straight forward, "why do you have this, whos is it, you know your brother used this when he smoked weed, etc." i got realy nervous and saidthe worst thing anyone can say, "its my friends" if i would of thought it through, which i had no time, i sould of said that it was mine for my contacts giving me red eye, then when i get home from school i thught that i would be screwed, but my dad seemed fine and i know my mom told him about it, my mom isnt home yet, but what do you guys think
  2. I think you're a paranoid stoner, lol. :D I wouldn't worry too much.....

    And welcome to the City!!
  3. Paranoia.

    Since you've already said that their your friends which is stupid, anyway, just say your friend give you them because your contact was irriating your eye and you toke them home and she found them, but that's a bit shit with your mum already knowing your brother used them for toking.

    Good luck, you'll be fine.

    eyedrops though, their the best.
  4. so how'd it go?
  5. Yeah, give us an update please.... :D
  6. maybe the kid's grounded and his internet connection cut off from him, or not.

    give us an update of what happened.
  7. hey guys thanx for the concern, my internet was down for a while, so ya, anyways, i think im off the hook, atleast i better be, i just got some more weed
  8. it's all good then.
  9. Right on Midget. Glad to hear it worked out ok for ya. ;)
  10. hah i got caught on halloween
    it was horrible if yall want some details just ask but i feel kinda stupid about it so i wont give details unless they are wanted
  11. Dude u got to listen to what happend to me........it was one night during the summer and me and my freinds just picked up like 1/2 oZ of trees we r going to the spot to spark the bong named Seth B in honor of our dead friend seth. so we all meet up at a parking lot when we notice a cop rolling bye so we jump into the closest car and bounce alot of weed + cops = bad stuff so we bounce but on our way out of the lot we notice something the car with the bong and a pipe has the drivers door opend so we bug out we decide to ditch the pot down the road and come back for the car. the cop was there looking eyeing the car down he was about to toe it. so the owner of the car who we call brain goes over to it when he confronts the cop all hell breaks loose the cops swarm in 3 cars pull up search brain and nelly take nellys papers and my amazing bong seth B and slam it on the ground. but aside from the loss of seth agin we are not in jail. how u like them apples.....!!!!!!!!!!

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