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Did I find a dark side to Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RasPlasch, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. I have been indulging in Marijuana for over 6 years now. I have smoked many different ways and I have also tried edibles on two separate occasions. Both times I tried edibles, they have little to no affect on me so I never really cared for them.
    Last night I decided, that I would give edibles one more chance, to see if I could get super high like people claim to be possible. So I made myself a firecracker. I did not weigh how much I put on, and the weed was dry anyways so it probably didn't weigh much but there was a good amount. This weed was also the best I have seen in the last year, and it gets me super head stoned when I smoke it.
    I ate my firecracker at 12:00 at night and by 1:30AM I was super stoned, but I was also hugging the toilet puking my brains out.
    From the second I finished eating the edible, I had an immediate stomach ache and indigestion feeling in my stomach. The indigestion feeling turned into the tightest stomach knots I have ever felt. I have never had stomach pains like I had last night. I couldn't even stand up straight. But it gets worse..
    After hours of puking, I stood up from the toilet to get water and my eyelids were swollen, my face was swollen. It looked like I had been in a fist fight. My entire body turned bright red and I developed a rash all over my body.
    I felt like I had rolled in poison ivy and I had bumps and blister looking things all over my body. I was so itchy I couldn't stop itching. My nose became completely stuffed, and nearly 24 hours after ingesting the edible, my nose is still stuffed and I am still somewhat itchy and the rash is still visible.

    What the hell happened? I definitely admit that I was too high, way too high actually.
    But from my stomach pains which lasted until 6:00AM in the morning, my swollen face, my itchy rash, and my stuffed nose, the high barely phased me. My mind felt so sober because of the shittyness of it all.
    The firecracker was just all natural PB and graham crackers, which I am not allergic too... How could weed affect me like this?
    Any theories?
  2. You had an allergic reaction to something man. you could have developed one to PB or crackers or its another new one you werent aware of. what happened to you is what happens to my uncle when he heats shellfish which he is allergic to
  3. Sounds like an allergic reaction to me.
  4. #4 Stormy Sea, Jan 5, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2013
    Sounds like an allergic reaction to something to me, and I doubt it was the weed if you've smoked it before and had no bad effects.

    It's possible that you felt "too high" because you didn't understand what was happening - sometimes being high doesn't actually help a situation, haha. Or, heck, maybe you just genuinely were! Measurements are a good thing.

    I'd talk to your doctor (leaving out the green only if you feel you need to) and tell him what else you ate. They can do some allergy tests just to check for the future, so you know what to look out for. Better safe than sorry!
  5. Whenever I eat brownies or any weed edible it instantly makes my stomach feel funny. I never get sick but I don't know and I really don't get that high either but thats usually because ill only eat half a brownie because i feel sick... All people react different. Ive been smoking for about 3-4 years now too..
  6. yea with the red skin bumps and throwing up.. allergic reaction. just need to find out what it was, could be any number of things, might have nothing to do with the cracker, might have everything to do with it... we will never know
  7. try and smoke a bowl and eat them crackerss and peanut butter, if nothing happens it could have been just a freak incident
  8. Allergic reaction to peanut butter is what I'd say
  9. sounds like you may of developed a allergy to peanuts man welcome to the club
  10. It could be an allergic reaction, but it might be because fircrackers do not invovle turning the weed to cannabutter, merely cooking it and eating it. When you eat weed, cooked or uncooked, it can turn to something similiar to hemp rope inside your stomach. this can make ou very sick and has been known to kill people. i think that this may be your problem, so i recommend trying a different recipe which involves making butter.
  11. Like everyone else said it was probably an allergic reaction to whatever you made it with. It's most likely not the marijuana since you have ingested it before and didn't get the symptoms you experienced.
  12. um no firecrackers and uncooked weed dose not kill you i have eaten plenty of pot stop trying to spread fear
  13. what if it was a mold or bacteria? if he was smoking it before and everything was fine, maybe its because the bad stuff was incinerated but when he made the firecracker it didn't die? idk just a thought...
  14. But he also ate cracker and peanut butter before, without any of these effects. I guess you will have to try all items seperatly to know for sure :eek:
  15. Ya I stay away from edibles, I had a bad experience with them too once, not like that, but it just never know what your gonna get,
  16. You must be doing it wrong
  17. The same thing happened to me about 4 months ago. I been smoking about 2 years, and nothings ever happened. I ate an edible for the first time , (a brownie) and the next day my face was so swollen i could barely see. I had no other symptoms however, and i enjoyed my high while it lasted.
  18. Thanks for the thoughts and theories.

    I have eaten several granola bars with peanuts in them since the incident, and had no reactions. I'm ruling out the Graham Crackers because they are... well... Graham Crackers..

    There was palm oil in the all natural peanut butter. I'm not sure if that is in normal Skippys Peanut Butter though, so I don't know if maybe that could've been the cause..

    This couldn't have just been a fluke, freak accident.. theres no way..
  19. u can get sick off of eating marijuana thats for sure
  20. Figured it out... I had drank Finnegans Irish Ale earlier that night and my mother commented on how my skin turned red. I then had 1 and a half more and then ate the firecracker.. Horrible combination.

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