Did I FIM right?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by up4anything, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Hello fellow greenies!

    Thought I'd try my hand at some FIMMing and was looking for some criticism from the resident experts.

    Here some pics of one of my babies that I've been torturing.

    The first pic FIM1 is where I just FIMMed and was wondering if I did it right or not.

    The second one is another view.

    The next couple are of another location I was about to FIM but wanted to make sure it was the right place. I think I let it get a little long in my hesitation but would still like to FIM it, if appropriate.

    The next one is to ask "where?" should I FIM it. Red, yellow, or blue.

    The next is just a pic of the stem and nodes. Any guess as to sex?

    Thanks to all that help!:wave:

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  2. some more pics of the nodes.

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  3. Yo whats up,
    I think that its too early to tell the sex. You FIM is good, but i would have done it a smigde lower. you should FIM at the the yellow or blue line i would say, although it is tough to say from that pic. looks good.
  4. So go ahead and FIM that other bundle then? Thanks for the help!:smoke:
  5. HIGH All, I would say the yellow line too....try All the lines you you put in...FIMing sometimes doesn't work..but you'd still end up with two colas just like you Top it.
  6. hey man. yellow line thirded. also, i would bet that your plant is a ladie. i watch my plants like a hawk for the first sign of sex so i know what i can do with them. and that looks like the very first signs of a nice bush :) keep up the good work!!
    Just Blaze It.....
  7. I think it's a girl too. She's taking on some characteristics that make me think so. Still too early to tell.

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