Did I FIM Correctly?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by JoeyCal, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. I FIMed my plants last week and this is what they look like now...


    Does it look right? Will two stems develop out of the middle?
  2. It is hard to tell from that picture if you fimmed properly or not. As for growing two stems, that occurs when you top, not when you fim. Fimming slows down vertical growth, but does not cause two stems to grow where there was only one. When youfim, the node will eventually grow like it did before, growth will just be slowed for a while while the plant focuses on lower nodes.
  3. Only when you fim unsuccessfully. A successful fim should give you 3,4 or more branches from the fim site.
  4. So i did it wrong?.... hmmm.
  5. Nope, I can't tell that from the pic.

    I was just raising a point of order on the previous post.

    See if you can get in tight from the side with the camera, and we'll have a better idea.
  6. O.k. i treid to get some better pictures but my camera sucks.. sorry


  7. Sorry about the last post my internet explorer is slicking...


  8. What exactly are you dissagreeing with here? What I said was absolutely true for succesful fimming. It does not cause the plant to split into two main stems and it does slow down vertical growth to allow the plant to concentrate on lower nodes of the same branch or main stem.

    I have never seen anyone fim and create 3 or 4 branches from the fim site. Please show me a pic of where you have done this. I would love to see it. The only technique that causes any 'splitting' of the main stem is topping, and it can only cause two branches to grow as main stems.

    JoeyCal - Your new pics are much better. It looks like you succesfully fimmed a while ago. I notice in your new pics that the larger leaves have an irregular outer border. This says to me that you clipped them at some point maybe a few days ago. Did you notice any node development on the lower portion of the plant? If you are going to fim, you should also check out LST. There is a good sticky on the technique on this forum. It can really help devlop lower nodes into nice producing bud sites.

    Happy growing.
  9. Reef is right u usually dont want to fim cause in stands for Fuck I Missed all you did was unsuccessfully top your plant
  10. I'd say you FIM'ed it correctly and I say this because your top 4 shade leaves show that amputated looking scarring. That shows that you simultaneously pruned at least two nodes.

    There's a lot of mystery about FIM and what it means - Lawd knows, I'm no expert. Dierwolf has a sticky somewhere that clears it up. It has this very good cross-section diagram that shows exactly what the cutting does, based on where it's located.

    As I gather, a good FIM is kind of like topping two or more nodes simultaneously.
    Which slows down vertical growth, sends auxins to lower branches to encourage growth, and, after the plant has recovered, you will see extra branching at the FIM site, from 3-6 branches. This contrasts with conventional topping, where you would only see 2 branches.

    I reckon I'm just trying to point out how you're ALL correct. Sort of. As I understand it.

    Ultimately, the best teacher is the plant. And patience with experimenting.
  11. Your statement of fimming doing nothing but slowing down the top growth:

    Again, I disagree.

    And this is another point I'm disagreeing with. The whole idea of fimming is to create multiple branching from the fim point. The lower branches catching up is a side benefit.

    Have a quote from High Times Magazine July 2000:
    And then Baka weighed in with a similar answer.

    Yep, I think that about covers it.
  12. Dude, Rabiez, I don't want to turn this into an argument, but I still think you are a little confused.

    1. I never said it does nothing but slow down vertical growth. I said it slows down vertical growth to focus on the lower nodes.

    2. You are just wrong here. The whole point of topping is to create multiple (2, no more, no less) branches from the top remaining nodes. The whole point of fimming is to do what I have said many times. Slow vertical growth while focusing enrgy on the growth of lower nodes.

    3. I think that you are misunderstanding your quote from High Times. What they are calling tops are the lower nodes that have now increased development to become like main colas.

    4. Baka Gaijin is either doing a technique that I have never seen, or is a little missinformed. I have probably fimmed over 200 nodes. I have never once had the fimmed node grow any "extra" branches. I believe that it is impossible. I would love to see some proof of this technique working.

    Have you ever fimmed? Have you ever topped?

    Anyway, like I said I don't want to get into an argument here, but I have used both of these techniques (topping and fimming) many times and I can tell you that in my experience this is how they both work. If you have had a different experience, I would would love for you to share it with me. I am always into learning new techniques.
  13. I never said not to fim. You should just understand the pros and cons of both topping and fimming. Which you choose will be determined by what you wish to gain. If your interest is maintaining the top cola while increasing the growth of lower nodes, then choose fimming. If your goal is to remove your top cola and to grow the 2 nodes below it as 2 main colas, then choose topping. Both techniques are greatly enhanced by LST.

    Do some reasearch on both techniques here in the forums and on the net. Choose the one that works best for you if you are interested in altering the growth of your plant.

    Happy growing.
  14. whatsup guys, mad4reef id have to say that i think you are the one who is a little confused...fimming certainly does produce multiple budsites, im sure it also does what you are saying but the whole POINT of FIMming is to get more branches than topping, i have seen many many many many many many examples of this, il try n dig one up for you:)

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