Did I f*ck It up??? (Budhead, Superjoint)

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Da Nm 08, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. Ok, I placed an order last night, I just noticed that I used my Physical adress with standard shipping. Now I live in the United States...And I have a P.o. box and a physical adress. Will this be a problem? Will it come to my door anyway? Please help.
  2. Order #025299 Thanks.
  3. I did. I didnt get the answer I was looking for. Can someone please help me out? Thanks in advance.
  4. Sorry it took me so long to reply..

    If you get mail at your physical adress then you will get every thing OK..

    If you only get mail at the P.O. box, you need to let SJ know..

    I'll P.M. SJ with this!
  5. Ohh nooo! I get my mail at the P.O. SHIT! How do I fix this. I doubt it sent out yet. But.... Wait, I used the same adress last order and I got it ok... Now im confused. HELP ME!!!! AHHHH.
  6. PM SJ with the correct box number and your order number.. He should be able to change it for you with no problem!!!

    If you got everything before, I wouldn't worry to much!!
  7. PO boxes are not a probelm, why do ytou think they are?
  8. I dont. I just messed up and thought it was going to my house. hehe. SJ... Ill PM you with the right info.

  9. I have no clue how I ended up with the last box then lol. Thanks guys! SJ, let me know when you correct the problem.
  10. You guys made a mistake! No one fixed my problem... It is being delivered to a physical adress. It should be being delivered to a P.O Box instead. And I told Budhead and Superjoint and you said you would fix it, and none of you fixed my problem as of yet and it sent out saturday. :(

    Help me Please....
  11. what is it you want ????.As stated before contact the shop support. Make sure you know where you want it sent and tell them.Shouldn,t be that hard .
  12. I did, and they didnt fix it eather. Its not confusing at all... I used the wrong adress when ordering, contacted Customer service, and superjoint, and budhead. Budhead told me to PM SJ with the correct info... I did... It did not get fixed.

    I just dont want to see my 220 dollars worth of glass get sent back overseas because of a small mistake.

    Was that confusing Critter?
  13. All I want to know is this....

    Will it arrive fine at my physical adress even if I do not get my mail there?

    If not, Is there anything I can do about it now?

  14. If it doesn't come to your pktsical adress then the Post Office should let you know.. If you receive mail on a regular basis, then they will know what to do to get it to you!

    As far as this being mine or SJ's fault, you give the adress instead of the PO box.. I did pm SJ and he said it wouldn't be a problem.. It may have been to late.

    If you order glass bongs and etc.. They are shipped from inside the US..
  15. Thanks so much Budhead. Sorry If I went off before. That is just the answer I was looking for.

    Also, you say glass bongs are shipped within the U.S... Does this mean that customs is not involved? Thats good news, thanks for letting me know.

    And again, sorry for making a big deal out of this I was just confused a little bit. Thanks alot Budhead and Superjoint. The customer service is great on here. I will order yet again in the future.
  16. SJ aims to please all of his customers.. Maybe you will have some peace of mind now till your order arrives..

    I don't work for SJ. I just try and help customers with problems get help in the quickest manner possible as do others here.. We all wish you well with your order and hope you enjoy it to the fullest!!!!!

    If you have anymore problems don;t hesitate to let me know.. I'll help in any way that I can!!!!!
  17. Thanks Alot Budhead.

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