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did i do something wrong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by juicemaineMAN, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. #1 juicemaineMAN, Jan 25, 2010
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    heres my lil story first.

    i go to hangout with my friend/dealer and smoke him up on his haze. he has a couple of kids over too that i kinda know. so we smoke in this other kids car in his driveway listening to music. total of 4 people in the car. and 2 blunts, me and dude, driver and girl.

    so we smoke and the kids like im good, and theres like a little less than half left. so i keep smoking it down till theres a quarter of the blunt left. im so high i forgot i was holding it and so the driver closes all the windows to test if it smells.

    hes like wtf yur still smoking and shit and hes like throw it out the window, im like wtf? in his driveway. i put it out, put it in my pocket and hes still moving the window up and down im like wtf are u doing? so my friend gets out of the car and we all do.

    at this point im so fucking high i cant walk straight. but i walk up his back deck to where theres like a total of 8 people. this kids like "you look so high" and then they all start laughing at me. i dont even know why. its not like im not mean to none of them. ya know?
    maybe cause i couldnt walk straight. so thenthe 3 kids blow me off and go to a party and they're like "oh he cant have to many ppl over" im like bullshit whatever, and i just get in my car and shit and go home.

    now did i do something wrong? or are these kids just assholes?
  2. They are assholes, your smoking weed what do you thinks gonna happen. If they were your friends they woulden't blow you off, they would forgive you for being a bit off. Weed makes you stupid, so you were a bit dizzy thats no reason to do what they did to you.
  3. Dicks, fuck them.

    They're bein assholes bro dont worry about it
  4. #4 kingspadebud420, Jan 25, 2010
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    No way man, you were just smoking LOL, if they were trying to make fun of you because you were high as shit who cares? haha. And for the party shit, fuck that man I hate people like that, because they can't give a real reason why they don't want you to come, they have to say "Oh there's too many people." But lol @ them for trying to make fun of you because you were stoned.. :smoking:
  5. These are the kind of people one encounters from time to time in life. Use it as a learning experience about some of the characters that inhabit this land. After a while you will learn to spot them right away and avoid getting into a tangle with them. They were in the wrong, being so rude. Best to forget about them.
  6. you got used. probably didn't want you around. don't smoke them up next time.
  7. Yeah I'd have to agree with everyone else, they're just assholes.

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