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Did I Do Something Wrong?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ChrisPaul, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. #1 ChrisPaul, Jun 18, 2013
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    Hello everyone, I made some ABV Canna oil brownies last night and have some questions. I used 19.8 grams of light-medium brown ABV from my LSV. I heated it with some canola oil for an hour on a pan and strained it, I got dark oil which people said was a good thing. I inserted the oil into my brownie mix and made the brownies. I made around 11 or 12 assorted sizes brownies.  I thought I was high from the batter last night but I was also vaping. So today I woke up and ate a full brownie at 2:15 PM on an empty stomach. I vaped a bowl right after I ate it but I didn't finish the bowl. I felt high but wasnt sure if it was due to the brownie or vaping. I felt a little rush of a high throughout the time of when I took it till 5:30 and it started to get me a little higher, I ate a sub at 5:30 ish and I sorta felt a little more a buzz after, it kept coming in rushes sort of. I read its not good to eat it on an empty stomach so I ate a tiny bit at 6:30(hour after meal) and vaped the rest of the bowl from earlier. I munched on a little piece again at 7:20, so my total for today was about 1 1/2 - 3/4 brownies maybe? Now I'm sitting here typing this. Its been 2 and a half hours since my last bite. I've had some rushes again but nothing major really.. I feel pretty high right now but it seems like it keeps going away and coming back. Right now I feel pretty blazed and I'm starting to get bad cotton mouth. My mind is trying to make myself higher because I think thats how blitzed I should be. So my question is, did I do something wrong? Did I not eat enough or not eat them right? Any other issues I could've came across? 

  2. How do you not eat them right?  You seem pretty medicated brah.  
  3. I'm not as high as everyone else seems to be, I was looking forward to having an actual "trip" like some people talk about. I just feel regularly high sorta. 
  4. Could it still be kicking in? I'm 5'9 140 with an extremely fast metabolism. 
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    I feel like you just have a good tolerance.  Edibles have never made me trip.  I think it's because I smoke/vape too much.
    I'm on a 175 mg chocolate atm.  I'm baked don't get me wrong, but not trippin
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    Yeah that could be true, I vape everyday but I only go through about a quo every 14-20 days now. My tolerance used to be a lot worse, I average around .2-.5 a day vaping. I've never had edibles before this though, so I thought I would get really high. 
  7. Yea man, I haven't tripped off of weed since the first time I smoked a blunt.  I was more of a 99c pipe kind of kid then the blunt knocked me on my ass.  
    I never really trip either, I seem to keep getting massive cotton mouth the last 20 mins or so, I seem to be getting higher but my mind could be playing tricks on me..
  9. Damn well better luck next time man, but my 175 mg thc chocolate just put me to sleep, not trip
    Okay so Im eating a sandwich right now for my first food of the day, can I eat a brownie right after or should I wait a while? 
  11. if yiu think it's not as bomb as it should have maybe you extracted the thc inneficiently
    that's what i'd bet on
  12. You're probably not going to get a trippy high because you've already vaped out the trippy (the constitutents that boil off at lower temps).  What you have left is probably more of a relaxing, pain numbing buzz.
  13. All I did was simmer the ABV in canola oil like everyone said to do, then cooked with the oil. And that could be true about vaping it already, but some people have said they got pretty messed up off ABV brownies. 
  14. There are a bunch of variables here, one you already got high from the weed so there is little THC left, second you used canola oil instead of a more desirable oil like coconut, and third you simmered on a stovetop so you didn't precisely control the heating.
    I think you should be lucky it worked at all.

    Eat 2 brownies at once about an hour after a small fatty meal. That's when they work best for me.
    Most people said canola oil was fine, I was at Walmart at and I was going to get coconut oil that night too but said nevermind. I had it on low most of the time and put it up to medium no more than 45 seconds for a couple times like someone said. I ate a sandwich at 1:50 PM and had a brownie at around 330-345 and I just had another small one 5 mins ago.. Lets see what happens. I also just ate a little bit or peanuts, raisins, walnuts, cranberries and some peanuts in trail mix, I read food like that may help edibles. 
  16. Yeah, you probably have the same body reactions to edibles that I do. In order for me to get high from edibles, I have to not smoke for at least 24 hours. Then I have to eat some STRONG edibles. But if i smoke before and after, I only feel the high from the smoke and not the edible. I could eat a dozen brownies and go hype out at the gym for hours and not feel a thing if I smoke.

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