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    **please note before reading: this is all 100% true, and is my life, and I am asking for help at this point** Sorry for the wall of text, but if you read it all, it explains what I mean fully.

    Ima get straight down to the point and make this clear and sweet as pie. I like pie btw...

    My step dad lives at home with me and my mom. I live with them because college is close by, its free living and hey why not..

    Anyways, my step dad has a temper sort of. He is 2x bigger than me, and has a violent history.

    Problem is lately, seems everything I do or NOT do, I get blamed for or takes the anger out on me. Not beating, of course not, cops be here in a second. Idc if he beats me to death dialing 911, all they gotta do is hear the screaming and hes back in jail.

    Now to change, He is like this ONLY like 2-3 times a month. He wont wanna go anywhere with my mom or me, doesnt care, doesnt want to eat, but then makes everyone else in the house feel like crap because he is in a pissy mood and just turns everything into his own orbit.

    This past weekend he mowed the lawn and help carry rocks around for the garden bed. I was upstairs chillin in my room, didnt even know he mowed till after. While he moved rocks as well.

    But then this morning, he says a smartassremark to my mom

    I forgot what he said to her, but wasnt mean to her, but I remember his last words clear as day.

    "Cuz the kid is a piece of sh!it who doesnt do anything all day"

    EXCUSE ME? Every morning when I make my hot tea, I ask him,

    me: "hey anything gotta be done today?
    Him: nope
    me: ok, ill be upstairs if u need me

    My mom heard him say that, and she said *** was that remark for. and he replied with well its true, didnt do a dam thing this weekend.

    You dont just call someone a piece of crap, when they didnt know something.

    Sure, I shouldn't have to be told to go help, I know this, Im not a kid. But when I didnt know, kinda not my fault... Probably had my music on playing a game, could of came and asked me or asked for help at least.

    its like everytime hes in a bad mood, im the worthless one who doesnt do anything. I had a 20 yr old friend over this past weekend, havent seen him in a while. Chilling in the basement, my step dad comes down and we all watch TV, he keeps his mouth shut. Then after my friend leaves my step dad just tells me

    " dont ever invite that kid over again, u dont deserve it u dont do anything "


    Just last week we WERE ALL CHILLING and laughing and having a good time, then this weekend its like im the bad guy and hes Mr. Jerk off

    I been thinking about this all morning, cuz Im sick of this. I usually blow it off, cuz few days later he gets in a better mood and we all back to normal. But this takes the cake, when he told me this morning to my MOMS face that I was a piece of ***** kid. Of course, as a mother, she went berserk and called him out blah blah

    My question and sorry for the wall of text, but it helps explain..

    Did I do something wrong here? OR does this jerk off just need to **** out of my life? What can / should I do?

    Dont just say: move out
    kinda hard with no cash and no where to go really.
    got a job lined up in the next few days possibly.

    I just still feel like this is half my fault / half his attitude coming out.

    Like fo real, way to crash my weekend, should of just gotten hammered at the beach.

    Usually, he will say Sorry to me, for getting angry or yelling or anything. But this time, I wont accept that, aint good enough. acts like a woman on her period, how sad

    EDIT:: Lets add something to this as well

    When he vacuums, I offer always, I dont mind it. Every time I do, he says nah he got it. Im like why, ill do it. His answer: You dont do it well enough, or you dont try.

    Im sorry, since when did pushing a piece of plastic around the room require a skill level?

    Quite frankly, why I think im in the wrong myself? Cuz now Im pissed the hell off, dont wanna talk to him, dont wanna see him, dont care if he falls off a cliff tomorrow. And now today, Ima chill in my room and be the lazy SOB he calls me. Why? Cuz every time I try to redeem my self and do something useful, it doesnt go notice or I just get treated like crap the next time. So my question now is; Why should I try? What good is it.

    screw him, and honestly, screw my mother too (i love her to death, she always had my back) but now, i cant stand how she just ignores things. She puts up with the crap, idk why. You think after 2 1/2 years she might get the hint and throw his ass out. She talks about it, but shes all talk and no smack.

    So my attitude: fuck it ... if everything I do isnt good enough, then fine keep saying im lazy, u do all the work and Ill relax. Have fun doing all the work, Have fun bitching and getting you know where, have fun! Ill sit back and relax .
  2. Nah man, you're stepdad sounds like an asshole. Just chill and smoke some weed all day.e hahahaha that was a long ass wall of text

  3. It was a wall, but i tried to shorten it, but everytime I did, something else popped in my head why I hate that douchebag even more.

    We used to blaze together, me and him, now he just turned against it all of a sudden, doesnt want to blaze with me or anything, Just be a dick all day and feel sorry for himself.

    Your right, he is a dick
  4. you're telling me you couldn't hear a lawn mower all afternoon?

  5. Yea... Not like its a big yard, its 5mins front and back, 10mins tops..

    and had headset on gaming, so yea, I didnt hear it. A/C was on, so no, I didnt hear shit. Thats wats fucked up
  6. Don't let that prick tell you what to do he's not your father.
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    Do you work? Maybe you should get a job so you arnt sitting around all day.

    If you had a job he couldnt ever say shit to you man.

    He probably is more upset that you sit around all day playing video games instead of looking for a job if you dont have one. If you are in college and living at home you should definitely have a job. He probably doesnt care at all about what chores you do around the house, and he shouldnt as long as you are pulling your weight.

  8. Thats what I have been doing, just he is blind to see that cuz he is too busy being a dick and feeling sorry for himself.

    I got a job interview next week, and possible a intern in IT.

    I guess all in all, just a bump in my life, with about 10 other things going on around too.
  9. why would you take his shit? hes not even your dad tell him to fuck off
  10. i was in a similar situation OP, including the pie and tea. my parents are still together, so it was my real dad being a jerk off but you know what i did? fuckin painted the trim on the house. then when my dad was acting all surprised and gave me money for doing it, i tossed him the cash back and said "just stay the fuck off my back and we can exist peacefully with each other".

    only difference is when i was younger and not as strong, my dad would kick my ass from time to time. he doesn't try anymore.
  11. If I had a step parents in my life that was a Faggot for no reason. I would seriously just ignore them. Next time he's being a dick to you just laugh at his face. Or just ignore him completly, as if he wasn't even in the room.
  12. Oh please, you're overreacting. Both of my parents are like this except they are even worse. Just ignore it until you move out.
  13. You have to do these things on your own without asking him. If you know when he's going to vacuum, just do it first. Do things around the house without asking him first. That way he'll see that you do things around the house, and not just because he wants you to. If that doesn't work, then I don't know what to tell you. But you just have to do unexpected things for him to notice.
  14. your step dad seems like a chill ass cool guy.... lol...

    he's just too sober to understand the meaning of some things.

  15. amen i can understand hearing a 5 year old bitch about this but your in college you have to know by now life's not sunshine and roses sometimes it sucks. Getting stuck with a shitty stepdad is just something that your gonna have to deal with unless you try to talk it out with him. But honestly if i were your stepdad and you came to me with this and wanted to talk about feelings i'd kick your ass.
    You Also said hes only like that 2-3 times a month. Even if its all day bitching at you for those 2-3 days its not that bad. He's not your father dont take his guff just ignore him.

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