Did I do ok?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by case, May 17, 2006.

  1. Hey everybody,

    I'm new to grasscity and growing. I haven't actually started growing anything yet.

    Looking around at the hydro stores I realized this venture isn't exactly cheap. So I came across a particular auction at ebay, which I've already won. I just wanted to know what some other people thought that aren't my friends yet.

    Here's what i got for 202 dollars:

    1 - 1000 watt Enhanced Spectrum Super HPS - Eye Hortilux bulb
    1 - Hydrofarm Daystar AC '6 Flange
    1 - Xtrasun ballast /w all system cord set
    1 - Sunleaves flexi-hanger light lift

    The seller says he used the equipment for approx 1000 hours. he also says the equipment is in such good condition he could tell the difference between what he had used and one of the setups that he didnt.

    I know I'll have to wait to see what condition everything is in and make sure it all works, but if it does did i do decent here?
  2. Yea thats pretty good.If everything is working like new.
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  3. doesn't sound like it came with a reflector or socket...
  4. Says it comes with "Ultra high performance commercial quality reflector". I think the "all system cord set" includes the socket but I really have no idea.
  5. Hi case.
    Welcome to Grass City. I would also like to congratulate you. Congratulations because you found Grass City before you started to grow. I was one of the more common folk who came here after they had a problem and by that time I was wishing I found GC earlier.

    I think you did well on your purchase however; I would highly recommend doing a lot of reading before you go ordering or germinating seeds. Start with the GC Sticky's. There is a ton of good stuff in there. Then start reading posts by other folks on here regarding all phases of growing and learn about some of the things they did right and wrong when they started off.

    I would usually say this to most everyone but it especially applies to you because you have purchased a powerful light. Your light gets hot. Your light can get very hot if not vented properly. Be prepared for that. Also, things like over fertilizing or under fertilizing will be magnified by the light. Stay away from soils with time release fertilizer. Your light will zip that time release process up and most likely kill your plants within the first 2-3 weeks.

    Maybe I am telling you things you already know. Maybe I am telling you things you could care less about. Whatever the case maybe, let me sum up this rambling blather by reminding you to read as much as you can and ask lots of questions and most importantly; welcome to GC.
  6. Thanks for the welcome. I appreciate it.

    Indeed I have been reading like a mad man for the past couple of weeks. So many diifferent methodologies and approaches. Ill probably be more then active in the next couple of weeks as I start building out my grow box, etc...

    I do indeed want to learn the art of growing full spectrum, however for my first venture my friend is throwing me all the bubba kush clones I want.

    I realized that I was going to need a fan. Lucky for me my closet stays super cool. Now I know this light will change the temp of the closet drastically so I decided to purchase a 6'in fantech 392 CFM from the same seller for a hundred bucks.

    I have to do some studying on fertilizers, nutrients, medium, suppliment... this shit is a science. Lucky for me I have this forum and a couple of friends with some knowledge.

    I don't really know shit, but I'm hoping to learn and document.
  7. where did u get all that for $200? usually a 600w HPS by itself is like 230
  8. He said he got it from ebay, They always have lights there for cheap.:)
  9. damn i gotta get on ebay
  10. If you want it for cheaper, ebay is the way to go and sometimes you get lucky and find a killer deal with no reserve.

    I got really discouraged after looking through a hydro store retail catalog and seeing prices. I jotted down the items my friends were saying were good things to have, or have already purchased for there system.

    I went home and shopped liked a mad man, tracking prices and comparing. With my calculations I saved 350 dollars total and 70 dollars in taxes which equal 420. I'm not sure if this is an omen or a sign, but it sure brought a smile to my face.

    I've found that even for new items/unopened, ebay is cheaper then any store especially for hydro. It's uncanny.

    Some tips for ebay,

    - dont bid until the last 2 minutes. I placed my bid on these items with under 40 seconds remaining. Yet i watched it for 3 days.

    - dont tell anyone about your auction.

    - don't bid early, you're only making the price up on the item go up for no reason. if you see two people bid battling it, do not get involved. Wait until the end to strike/execute.

    - pay with a credit card so you're protected by your merchant bank. It's not illegal to buy hydroponic equipment for all the people who think cash covers their ass.

    - be willing to spend money. Don't think you'll win an auction bidding the lowest amount every time.

    - Watch other bidders. Are they doing lowest minimum bids? Or are they throwing around 10 and 20 dollar bids like it's going out of style.

  11. More Ebay tips

    - Assume everyone selling on Ebay is a scammer.
    - Do not assume they are legit just because they have a good feedback rating
    - Do not just "click and purchase" email and telephone the seller with lots of questions to make sure you are getting everything you need to make the item work
    - Do not use any online escrow company accept www.escrow.com All others are a scam

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