Did I do it wrong? (Shooms)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by JakeNBake, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. So I planned on doing shrooms today and a couple friends came over. One told me to make a shake out of it so I put the shrooms in the blender(about 1.7g) and mixed em with some ice cream milk and ice. There was a bit left over but I just want to make sure that didnt fuck them up.

    Oh I also ate half a weed brownie an hour ago.
  2. I dont see anything wrong with the way you did it.Though I have never done it that way,I always just chew on them for about 5 minutes then swallow with some orange juice.
  3. well damn. .

    im jealous

    a shroom shake and a brownie. .
    quite a delectable treat
  4. haha yeah its my day off.
  5. How long ago did you eat them?

    It could take up to two hours before you start to feel it. 1.7g should have an effect... just give it some time.
  6. Alright I was just tying to make sure taking them in the shake didn't fuck anything up. I've never done shrooms so this will be fun. I feel pretty damn good right now though.
  7. ur gonna have a fun day off lol
  8. You didn't fuck it up- you made it tasty. Have a nice day. :wave:
  9. Well, you DID spell it wrong in the title of this thread....

  10. What?

    I took my dog for a walk. Its like 100 outside but it was amazing. I think ill go do it again.
  11. :hello:i bet your dog enjoys it too lol
  12. Ate another half a brownie. I thought it was like 4pm but it was actually 1 ahahaha

    This is the best I'm so happy right now. Music is great. I want to try a full eighth next time.
  13. u go boi....trip tee dip tee dip:eek:
  14. glad u had fun. Don't up the amount too much, just ease into it and see how much is enough

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