Did I do a good job flirting with her? LOL

Discussion in 'General' started by t-bone247, Nov 10, 2014.

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    meh, got through half of that walloftext. I guess if you have to ask the answer's no.
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    y'all sure lol a lot, lololololol lmao lolol rofl :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
    But really you don't have to say it in every reply
    edit- counted a total of 31 lol's between you two
  4. Is that bad
  5. only if you don't actually laugh out loud every time you type it
    I usually am smiling or think something is funny when typing lol, haha, lmao, etc. Answer the dang question lol
  7. Lol

    🎶High above at the edge of the world, we are searching for glory and peace, when the time has come, you will see our return to the land of the free!🎶
  8. She has no interest in you.
    "I'd rather not"
    'If she was lucky, she'd get to know your -business-, but she's glad she has bad luck.'
    Then she proceeds to try and get YOU to drive to HER to smoke HER and her friend up. Notice how she's not alone.
  9. Not good signs
  10. Again, get to the end, process it all. Don't care if shes into me, this is self improvement, I think I did a good job standing my ground. the confidnece was key, kept her replying and she messaged me first, never happend. BOOM, K0.
    She also asked me on a double date with this same exact girl. She's never text me while she was in this town, until after this conversation.
  12. You'd be her date in this scenario?
    No, a few weeks ago she called me asking if I wanted to go to dave N Busters with her friend and some guy.
  14. you had one chance...
    and you BLEW it!
    Aww i'm sure there will be more, we're constantly talking. lmao where'd I blow it.
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    So your game is 0. That sounds like a 'group outing' more than a double date.
    But I'd give you a 7 anyway. Points for conveying interest and not driving to smoke her up, but you lost points because it was awkward when she shut you down and you just gave up but kept her as the subject of converstion. Then you lost the point you gained from not going to smoke her up, because if you were trying to score, you would have done it with a smile and a boner and commenced with the threesome.
    Regardless, she thinks you're not her type.
    i just needed somewhere to do my Adam Sandler impression, haha
    you just gotta bust a move, brotha, then she'll be the one blowin it
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    LAMO, threesome nice. It's an adult's chucky cheese, perfect place to flirt, lots of fun. When I told her I couldn't go,  she had gotten slightly upset and sked me "Why?" I was helping someone out. Lol, just gave up? It would have been very awkward to continue on.
  19. LOL
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