Did I defoliate too much?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by jefffrizzle2001, Aug 18, 2017.

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    These are 2 non auto plants I have in a guerrilla grow. Just found out they were both females

    I trimmed them last night. Too much?
  2. Cutting off leaves is the worst thing you could have done. You did way too much. Leaves are how plants make food, cutting off their leaves is like knocking all your teeth out. Bad move.

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  3. Yea I'd say you overdid it. You now have that much less decoy foliage from bug damage. The probability of them attacking/forming colony on the nug is way higher now. Also careful with the watering or you'll log it. It's gonna be absorbing less energy now which means it'll be sucking less water in return at a slower pace. Also stay on top of fungus and diseases that bugs carry when they land on plant. Plant will also have less foliage to absorb impact. Instead of killing the leaves first (whichll usually buy you a week or 2 if serious), it'll attack the flowers. That difference in time could be all the difference between a proper harvest or death.

    I defoliated some of my plants but at different levels. On one I defoliated like your pic and noticing that the growth is about 3-4 days behind. I'm guessing this was from the shock when all the leaves were defoliated.

    If I could do it all over again I'd only remove leaves that rub against eachother to avoid mold. Then around 3 weeks before harvest once the nugs look like little footballs I'd pull all the fan leaves off to allow the bottom nugs to ripen just as quick as the top. That'll lower my exposure time to bugs and will make the harvesting process easier.
  4. Damn lol. You cut off most of the plant. Hopefully your plant will still prosper.
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  5. It should prosper. Just gonna be more exposed that's all. If you're on it 24/7 like most of us lol then you should be good.
  6. In my opinion defoliation is not benificial in an an outdoor grow....so yeah.
  7. I noticed on my plant that my lower nugs are pretty fat. Most of them are even developing faster than the top by at least 5 days. The only explanation that I can think of is the darkness. I know that the darker the environment the faster and fatter flowers you end up with. So I'm guessing that with all the extra leaves on top, it makes it even darker for the lower nugs at night thus allowing the flower hormone to trigger at more force. Outdoors never gets pitchblack like indoors so that's for sure a factor worth considering. So i guess the question is, Will exposing flowers to daylight have a greater positive effect on yield as opposed to the positive effect on yield from having a "darker night environment". This is for sure a case by case thing since everyone has different levels of darkness at night. Some of us have more light pollution than others
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  8. I'm not able to monitor them 24/7 as this is a guerrilla grow. I check them every week or 2 depending on the weather. I'll check back next week with an update

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  9. Looks like a friggin barber shop floor..Hope all stays well.
    I don't want to begin a shit storm, but I only take what is dying or is impossible to tuck away..I have lots of air moving through the entire grow..:)
    8-12-17 1.jpg
  10. 1 week later and they've bounced back nicely.


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  11. I've done the same thing with my grow this time around because the others were helping me out with the grow hadn't logged anything in my daily journal which is vital and was clearly asked of them if they were to do ANYTHING to the plants or around the plants. Sucks. Tonight I will be adding nut's and spraying Azamax on foliage. I'll have to upload my journal when this grow out is done.

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  12. No No..Nuts = BALLS..Maybe add some nutes..:roflmao:
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  13. People stop fucking with your plants...those leaves are there for natural photosynthesis...now you got a garbage ruined plant

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  14. I'm glad your plants have bounced back! That's truly the important thing. My own philosophy (everyone has their own approach) is minimal trimming of the bush... so to speak. :) All kidding aside, I think nature has this stuff figured out pretty well. My plants seem to be sacrificing some of the big fan leaves to help grow flowers. In nature it's all about reproduction and generally plants are self-regulated to optimize making the next generation happen.
  15. Maybe so, but nature doesn't grow under artificial lighting..I am with you though..I only take leaves that are dead, dying, in the dirt etc..

    Oh..and leave the Bush alone..LMAO
  16. It does if you are growing outdoor.
    Thus the question being posted in the outdoor grow section.
  17. Sorry, my bad..never noticed..gotta lay off the GG#4 I guess..LOL
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