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Did I create a new strain?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by iCLONE, Oct 28, 2010.

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    OK .... so I was trying to get a plant to seed and I did. I took some of the seeds
    over a three week period. Then the plant pollenated ... I think. I mean a bunch of
    the seeds busrt open. Then I took a plant in flower that I had harvested 80% off
    her and placed her in a shed with the pollenating plant. Now the second plant has
    gone to seed.

    Is this a new strain? Plant 2 (BC KUSH) pollenated by plant 1? (Grapefruit Diesel)

  2. i guess :confused_2:

    seeds were made from those to strains,right?:confused:
  3. Yes ..... One set of seeds is from one plant and the second
    set of seeds was from two plants or one plant pollinating the
  4. Okay cool,awesome,you got a new strain:hello:
  5. Is it a new strain? No

    Is it a new creation for you that people such as myself have never done and you should feel like a proud papa? YES!

    From a search on your creation:

    The B.C. Kush that we crossed with the Grapefruit is the most classic of old school Afghani Kush strains. Very large rounded buds with a fruity hash taste. A great Indica hybrid for big yields and top quality smoke. Enjoyable smooth creamy smoke with a great high.

    I think you should call it Grapefruit Kushenstein in honor of Halloween and its YOUR creation ;)
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    No, it's not a new strain because it won't breed true. You created a F1 hybrid... F1s of two different strains will have hybrid vigor, and (some) will much better than the parents. The plants that you like the best can be cloned to become a, so called, clone-only strain... or you can breed the F1s thru multiple generations until you have a true breeding strain.

  7. Oh man .... I'm gonna read on this but please elaborate if you can.

    "wont breed true"?

    "or you can breed the F1s thru multiple generations until you have a true breeding strain"

    Can you explain these?
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    For example, Plant A has good traits (A) and bad traits (a)... Same for plant B... When you cross plant A with plant B, you don't get all plants AB, you also get Ab, aB and ab... in equal ratios. (Google Mendel ratio).

    If you breed plant A and B together, select just the AB children... then breed those children and select only the AB plants... and repeat until everytime you breed an AB plant with another AB plant, you only get AB plants... Then you have a true breeding strain.

    Does that make sense?

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    Yes this explains it well. Coupled with some reading I understand. Now the trick of
    learning how to select AB phenos. Or, and this is interesting, enjoy the variations
    I'll see.

    Do I understand that the selection can go back through out the lineage of the strain?
    Like many, many, many years? 100s, 1000s? So in effect I can see strain traits from
    the beginning of the strain?

    How the hell do you pick out the AB plants enough time time narrow down your traits
    to the good ones? How many plants will it take to actually see all the genetics in the
    lineage? Ever see the end or do you simply have to decide and go with it?

    Thanks for your help Loki .....

  10. I agree Loki! I hate to say continue to spout your knowledge or throw out a good link on this. Don't know if I ever will do breeding; but thinking about making some 10lb sized bushes( like in that Jorge C. video on the outdoor grow area) in my backyard like a tree. But an awesome TREE. :D

  11. Well, there's no way short of genetic testing to pick the right plants every time. The key is in the numbers... You do it with a lot of plants and if you guess right 80% of the time, over time, you'll be successful.

    Here's a quick read of the basics... Basic Principles of Genetics: Mendel's Genetics

    As far as breeding a hybrid back to its original form... possible, but very hard to do without losing vigor...

  12. this is the best answer I could see you gettin from any where. on subjects like this its hard for some to realize that there is no answer really. everyone will argue that it is or isn't a strain, but the truth of the matter is it doesn't matter really, cuz not one thing about genetics is always true, except the fact that there are no true anythings!

    look at the "bubblegum" strain, this is true breeding.

    it has three basic phenos, one of which tastes and smells like real bubblegum

    lets say we grow a million of em and dig out all the good pheno till we have a hundred of em.

    look at this 100 plants and guess what, three main phenos again, they all smell and taste the same but there will be a big one or a more colorfull one a tall one...etc..etc..

    now if ya think about it this way you realize that you may have to buy 20-30 seeds of "true breeding" seeds to actually get what you are looking for.

    now with all this in mind I say name it keep it if you like it, clone it for ever, its yours, you made it .:hello:

    YES!! it your strain.
  13. Thanks -Loki,

    I appreciate all the input. I obviously had no clue and even now I'm just scratching the surface here.
    It's all kind of exciting to me. I mean there will be several variants I'll be able to manipulate in a few
    ways and at my discretion.

    Thanks again for all the help. rep on the way.


    it would be very cool to have the ability or resources to really ferret out some cool phenos. I'm gonna have
    some fun with these. A friend of mine just gave me some Panama Red and Sex Bomb seeds so it looks like
    I'm starting my own "bank" of sort.

    I agree .... -Loki really spelled it out. I will enjoy it for sure and Thank You as well. Its not everyday you think
    about naming a strain or breeding out phenos but today I am.

  14. informative thread.... i say you made a strain, although it is a f1, as mentioned earlier, its different, you made it, its yours.

    take it and run with it man, grow it out, fine tune what you're looking for and "perfect" your strain....

    i have a couple of seeds left that i plan on attempting to breed once i get my cab finished. this is my new favorite subforum haha.
  15. this type of breeding stuff interests me. im gonna breed one day in the future lol
  16. imo youve created your own strain, it just not stable. unless you are trying to sell the seeds i doint think its an issue though. if you like the bud enough id rec just keep it goin. start a lot, keep your favs(depends on your space/setup really) and and start the selective breeding process and it will eventually get better and better as generations go
  17. Very informative.....

    Yea .... Loki really grabbed my interest. When you think about it the F1 is an awesome theory.
    You have a raw form of genetic history in those seeds through out many generations
    of plants (strains).

    So the F1 isn't really a single strain ....yet. It's all the strains in the lineage. :eek:

  18. ya loki is a smart dude. his 4up microwgrow build is amazing! check out the link in his signature.
    i like how you can like make your own weed, the way you like it. keep it going though man = ) lol make a thread about your strain.

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