Did I call her a bitch?

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  1. Me and my girl friend were argueing over text about some bullshit and she's had an abusive ex and when she gets mad she ends the conversations with like " ill just text you later"

    so we were arugeing and she said ill just text you later

    and i say idk what the hell your problem is but talk to you later

    and then she said

    well im just going to the gym thats why i said ill talk to you later ( even though she probably wasnt)

    then I said

    well umm maybe i didnt know you were going to the gym and thought you were not gonna talk to me just to be a bitch. sorry?

    so did I call her a bitch? Because shes had an abusive ex and then she texted me back with this brings up good memories and won't respond to me...
  2. hmmmmmmmmmmmm ... huh
  3. ... u did call her a bitch... because you included the word in the text... not a hard concept to understand.
  4. You certainly have a way with the ladies.
  5. You should of saved yourself.
    && You shouldn't have sent that last txt.
  6. yeah you fucked yourself with that last text dawg
  7. I agree. And yes you called her a bitch. Not sure how to save it now, an apology might help though. Good luck!

  8. *snaps fingers and does the head bobble thing*
  9. im assuming ur beta, so yes you did call her a bitch, so you should apologize..

    1.i think the overall thing to see here is that the situation got out of hand, and needed to cool down.. maybe she was just having a bad day

    2. tell her you did not intend to call her a bitch, but rather reach a level of understanding with her, and was frustrated at the time.. tell her you will try not to do this in the future

    3. ????

    4. profit!!
  10. why wuld u ever put "bitch" in the text op. very childish. i bet she dumps u eventually for being a tool.

  11. Your question was "did you call her a bitch"

    your an idiot if you think u didnt just saying its right there in the text.

  12. Nah bro doesn't look like it.
  13. Why are you arguing over text in the first place? That's just bound to result in misunderstandings and drama.
  14. phrases like..."dont be a bitch", "why you acting like a bitch", "bitch mood", etc etc...is the same as saying you little bitch...and its very disrespectful...you need some time to reflect on what you said...one...maybe two days?
  15. When it comes to women, just avoid saying the word bitch at all times. Unless you're beating her, because you've gone too far in to go back, so might as well call her a bitch.
  16. Regardless of what you meant, she will take it that way.

    Go get some chocolate and flowers, hurry!
  17. Of course you didn't. I thought it was obvious you didn't after the OP/
  18. You know maybe it's just me, but does it really matter what the rest of us think?


    I'm not trying to be a dick here, but you could have 74 pages slam full of "naw, man you didn't call her a bitch!", but what in the fuck is this thread is possibly going to ever matter or change anything if SHE thinks you called her a bitch?

    What, you gonna print out this entire thread as your "proof" as to who is right or wrong Shit, why not go all out and ask for a fucking poll?:D

    You fucked up. You wouldn't be here asking if you didn't at least think you did.

    Man up, and apologize.

  19. All women are bitches at least some of the time. No need to call a crow a crow when it's cawing, just acknowledge that it's a crow in your head and deal with the annoying noise peircing your ears and mind, or if that crow never shuts the fuck up, throw rocks at it til it leaves.
  20. Hahahaha :confused:

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