Did I calculate and mix my Advanced Nutrients correctly? Dwc

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    So I've done my research and what not but I just don't feel like I am doing things correctly...

    I have 2x DWC 5 gal buckets (3 gallons of water) geolite clay pellets and root riot cubes. I am 7 days in from seed and plants are under 300 Mars hydro and 4x 23w CFL 6500k. I am using advanced nutrients: pH perfect Micro,Grow,Bloom. Instructions state 1ml - 1 liter of water. I have 11.3 liters (3 x 3.78).however I want to use about 25% the strength so I used 3 ml.

    pH read 7.8 before adding nutrients. Bubbled tap water over night.

    I added 3 ml of micro to water, let bubble for 1-2 minutes. Added 3ml of grow,let bubble for 1-2 minutes. Added 3ml of bloom,let bubble for about 10 minutes. Checked pH and it read 7.1.

    Something just doesn't feel right. Should I just wash out buckets and restart? Just nervous and unsure. The weird brown thing on the leave was there well before adding Nutrients,i have no idea what it is. IMG_20170806_150351.jpg IMG_20170806_150442.jpg IMG_20170806_150426.jpg

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  2. do you have ph down?

    what exactly aren't you sure about?

    and for the most part it's down to ppm of your water. if the ppm rises- to much nutes( higher water up take, ppm drops not enough( low water up take), ppm stay the same - perfect water will drop and ppm will be balenced.
  3. I am not sure if I mixed the 3-part nutrient correctly. I do have pH down but I didn't think I would need it since "pH perfect" would make me assume it wasn't needed and that made me think that I did something incorrectly.
  4. What pH are you aiming for? 5.8 - 6.0 for DWC I thought for availability in h2o... I stopped DWC for many reasons but issues like this are mainly why. Good luck mate. If it doesn't work out, try a coco coir/chunky perlite grow.

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