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Did i buy fake weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ryan3406, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. i smoked some of it and it smelt horrible. i didn't get high but it was also my first time smoking. The only reason im asking is because i bought from someone i don't really trust.

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  2. I think those are just some regs or really good shwag
  3. I'm not sure what I'm even looking at in that photo...

    Don't smoke it.
  4. Looks like complete shit
  5. Don't EVER buy from someone you dont trust
  6. Looks very bad man, toss that. If you didn't trust him then why would you buy from him?
  7. Looks like someone shit all over that and then sold it to you.
  8. Because i don't know anyone who i could buy from in Manhattan Ks. So i just took what i could get

  9. I've never had weed that looked that bad so I cannot classify it as ANY catagory.:eek:
  10. Looks like some cut up chicken to me... Or maybe I just want some chicken...
    But for real, it kind of does look like some bobbi brown, try making some edibles with the rest of it. Less harsh, and gets the most out of that. Worst that can happen is that you wasted your money.
  11. if it didnt get you high then i dont think theres any question just dont smoke whatever IT is.
  12. looks like some "Brown" "Stress" smoke the shit out of it and barely get high. been dried and rehydrated who knows how many times. probably been sprayed with windex or some shit. Who knows how many hands this has passed thru. if its your first time to smoke it might get you high.
    I used to smoke this kind of crap occasionally before I got my card.
  13. Old Brown mexican,, if you are new to getting high enjoy.It's just swag but it's weed.
  14. troolololol
  15. I mean it looks as if it was once bud, but it looks like it was compress and turned to a real shit color.
  16. weed is weed and it will get you high , just depends on the thc count which determines the length and strength of the the bud. I used to smoke weed like that all the time back in the day it got me high for like 5 minutes and had to smoke more.;)
  17. The pix is pretty bad but it looks like Mexican brick weed schwag. I see no reason to throw it away just dont smoke the seeds and stems or expect it to be very good. I am pretty sure it is cannabis just low grade Mexican. Post a clear pix and I can confirm that for you.
  18. it kinda feels like woodchips and smells like a plant

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  19. its just really terrible weed

    smoke all of it at once and dont buy from that guy ever again
  20. That is some garbage for much did you pay for it?

    If you smoke enough of it you should get high considering it is your first time. Roll it up into a joint or blunt and just smoke that to the dome.

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