Did God help me pass my pee test?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mwtokin', May 11, 2011.

  1. As I walked in the bathroom, cup in my hand
    I did not fear, for god had the plan
    Without god and his precious pee
    I would be forever unemployed for eternity.

    tl;dr I somehow passed a piss test for a job and Im a heavy smoker. I think god peed in that cup, I have no clue how I dropped clean. I hear gods pee is that of 1,000 men.
  2. ...Why wouldn't you stop smoking if you were looking for a job? And cool story bro.
  3. Dude..your poem is amazing. +rep
  4. a nutritious diet, with daily exercise is the key to god's piss.
  5. i usually do exercise, but i've been busy looking for a job so i've slacked off a bit.

    and I would have definitely gave myself ~5 days to get 100% clean but they needed someone ASAP. i guess im lucky.
  6. I actually spoke to god before and yes, god did. You must have been good this year.
  7. Did you pee water? Holy?
  8. dawg, same thing happened to me but in a different situation.
  9. aahhhahhaha
    1st 4 poster's in this thread all have pot leaf avatars
    i don't even care what this thread was about anymore this thread in a winnner!

  10. it was god bro, hes with me wherever i go.
  11. Is dubstep a skillful, challenging, and interesting genre of music?
  12. Actually you passed that test on your own, unless you really need some magical "being" to help you explain how you managed to pass.
  13. cool story bro.
  14. I always enjoy a well timed "cool story bro".
  15. if god existed, maybe.

  16. Hahaha Wut?


    do i win something :3

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